Mera from Aquaman

Comic: DC Comics Aquaman
Mera: Me
Arthur Jr: My Son
Photography: Lauren Elisabeth Photography
Assistant: Vanessa Walton
Editing: Me

I’ve kind of always been in love with this character. I loved her hair color, how it worked with her teal bodysuit, and her sass reminds me of myself. Even though Arthur Jr. has not appeared in New 52 (kinda thankful since now that I’m a mom that whole plotline makes me really sad), I wanted to include him in my cosplay because my son was about the correct age and he looks so cute in his little Aquababy britches. The costume itself is a spandex iridescent fish scale and the wig is a lace front wig. I ordered the staff from a fabulous propmaker on Etsy and it arrived just in time for us to do the shoot. I’m not even kidding when I say that, because we literally were on our way to the beach to shoot, and drove around my neighborhood looking for my mailman to see if he had the box. When we found him he had the most amused look on his face because I was in full costume running up to him waving my hands with excitement.