girl3Hi There! I’m Sarah, better known as Adella in cosplay!


I’ve been cosplaying since 2001 as a casual hobby.  Some people grow out of playing dress-up, but I was not one of those people.  Halloween was always my favorite time of year, and when I first discovered cosplay, I realized that it could be halloween any time!  As one of the co-creators of, I’ve been invited by conventions around the world to be a cosplay guest, and I have a special love for meeting creatives in far away places.

This website is a collective of all the things my imagination pushes me to share with the world, and being creative is my bread and butter.  For many years I worked as a professional women’s apparel designer, as well as designed costumes for new media film and television.  I currently live in Los Angeles, California, surrounded by fabulous artists and models who I collaborate with as often as possible!

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