Final Fantasy 7 Aerith’s Death

aerisburialcosplayGame: Final Fantasy 7
Aerith: Me
Cloud: Wes Johnson
Photography: Jan-Michael Losada
Editing: Me
Assistants: Vanessa Walton, Kristen Carr
Videography: Landon Donoho

This was my first photoshoot I did after the announcement of the FF7 remake. Following a panel presentation at Anime Expo, we decided to take the dive and shoot one of the hardest thing’s I’ve ever done to date. Underwater shoots are extremely difficult, and this would be my first one! Everyone arrived around 5AM and we shot from 6:00AM until 2PM. The pool was freezing, as the heater for the pool broke prior to us using it, and it was the ONE DAY in Southern California late summer that it wasn’t 110°(43°) outside! We were shivering and I was completely waterlogged. Having to pose on my back for the majority of the shoot caused both difficulty with emptying my sinuses of air (something you can’t control just by emptying your lungs) and waiting as the bubbles clear and the water flows up inside of your head! Our safety for the shoot was my friend Vanessa, a veteran underwater model, and she informed me that the poses I was doing were the toughest poses a model could pull off. I basically started doing underwater modeling on hard mode. Needless to say, it turned out awesome and we all felt very accomplished when it was all over!

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