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*NEW*Final Fantasy Catfight! - ACParadise
Lol so my friend Kitty, who used to cosplay Tifa once upon a time, had this idea to do a skit.  Now, I don’t really like to participate in masquerades because I’m not really competitive and I have huge stage fright, so I didn’t wanna do it at first, but I always get talked into stuff because I’m a giant pushover.  After lots of practicing and laughter, we came up with this funny skit that parodied the FF7 fanwars that still go on to this day over who Cloud loves, and who is better—Aeris or Tifa?  It also makes fun of yaoi and yuri couplings, and just… it’s a big coupling joke.  Enjoy!

*NEW*Adella Cosplay Tribute - Hildi14
A collage of photos set to Aerith’s Theme.

*NEW*Adella Cosplay Tribute 1 - Hildi14
A collage of photos set to Butterfly from DDR

*New*Adella as Aerith 3 - Frichan
Me explaining something about my Aeris costume (and whining about dying fabric XD) to some people in Mexico.

*NEW*A Tribute to Adella - LiebestodBlut
A really nice collage of photos to the song Shanadoo, with a very sweet message.  Thank you #^_^#

*NEW*Cosplayers Internacionales - Onimushacorp
A collage of video footage of various international cosplay guests at conventions in Mexico.  Features my friends Yaya Han, Lillyxandra, Lord Masamune, Francesca Dani, and Giorgia.

Atomix Coverage of TNT GT - Atomix Staff
A very very well done episode of Atomix featuring TNT GT.  TNT GT was a special convention featuring the finals for World Cosplay Summit Mexico.  Included in this video is well filmed footage of TNT GT, an interview with myself, Yaya, and Giorgia, as well as Hironobu Kageyama, the singer for the DBZ Opening “Head-Cha-La.”  This video is entirely in spanish aside from our cosplay interview which contains spanish subtitles.  This is a must see by anyone interested in TNT!

Click here to see Atomix Special TNT Episode!

Adella’s Geek Dance! - Animacosplay
My dorkism caught on tape!  Adella play-dancing! I got it ~_^

TNT GT - By Naguru
Semi-long video featuring footage of Mexican female cosplayers (and yuri fanservice ~_^), as well as myself, Giorgia, and Yaya Han at TNT GT.

TNT GT - By zakurohatake
This video features myself and Yaya Han walking towards our introductory conference for the convention.  At this time Giorgia was changing into her pretty cure costume and Yaya and I did not want to start the conference without her so we chose to stall by way of posing for photos.  ^_^;;;

TNT GT - By zakurohataka
Short video of myself and Yaya being lead into our corner.  They were putting us in timeout!!! Hehe just kidding ^^

TNT GT Cosplayer Introduction - By zakurohataka
Mostly spanish video of the introduction of the cosplay guests for TNT GT.  Some english when I speak and Yaya and Giorgia speak.

TNT GT Cosplayer Formal Q&A - By zakurohataka
Fuzzy video of our Q&A session at TNT GT along with Kyle Johnsen of  Hard to understand, half spanish half english.

TNT GT - By Karlos2k1
A very peppy eurobeat music video of photos the video’s creator took of me at TNT GT.  Very cute music.

TNT GT Cosplayer Introduction - By Karlos2k1
Loud metal music to video footage of Yaya, Myself, and Giorgia being introduced at our guest conference at TNT GT, Mexico City

Adella Music Video - By Parn02
Slide show music video of photos from

An Explanation of Cosplay Construction Pain! - By Frichan
Embedding was disabled on this video, but I still have a URL.  I was explaining to a couple of people why my Aeris skirt looked so wonky.  ;D

Click Here for Video!

No Need for Cosplay Part 1 - By DivineHype
A documentary on Cosplay and it’s inner workings by Rhianne Paz Bergado..  This video was filmed in early 2003.  Four years ago!  It contains such fantastic and talented cosplayers as Lord Masamune, Queen Ginny (Formerly G-Chan), Hi-chan, and me!

No Need for Cosplay Part 2 - By DivineHype
The continuation of the documentary.

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