Macross Frontier: Sheryl Nome

Anime: Macross Frontier
Photography: Kyle Johnsen, Paolo Cellammare

This costume was ridiculously easy, but I did spend an exorbitant amount of time and money trying to dye cotton jersey knit the right color for her blouse and tights.  I was living in Vegas at the time that I made this, and did not have the convenience of the Los Angeles Fabric district knit selection.  I actually ended up giving up that project and drove 5 hours to Los Angeles to buy $3/yard fabric in the exact color I needed.  It was ridiculous.  I loved cosplaying as this character though.  I wore this costume in both Germany and Japan for various cosplay events, and it was so comfortable and stores so nice and small!  While in Japan, I even wore it without the wig around Tokyo, and looked pretty stylish in doing so!  Sheryl was my favorite from this series, and the reason why I stuck with it to the end.

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