Princess Zelda

Game: Ocarina of Time
Zelda: Lillyxandra
Costume: Me
Armor: Aaron Granofsky
Tabard Embroidery: Chris Patterson
Photography: Jan-Michael Losada
Soldiers: Michael Huffman, Kodi Klein, Luciano Gianola

My beautiful friend Joellen has always inspired me as the queen of Fairies.  I had always wanted to make Princess Zelda’s costume from Ocarina of Time, but I never felt it was suitable for me to wear, but for her it is perfect.  She truly has the face of Zelda, and I could hardly contain myself when she put the costume on for the first time.  I worked tirelessly on this one.  The gown is 100% silk, with silk chiffon overlay.  The tabard is hand embroidered, and the armor was made from scratch. Would you believe that she’s wearing a wig I styled for her? I bet not! When we shot these photos it was 104 outside. It was pretty painful, but with great results!

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