Final Fantasy 7 Wallmarket Group

Game: Final Fantasy 7
Aerith: Me
Cloud: Wes Johnson
Tifa: Manzi DeYoung
Photography: Eric Ng
Editing: Me

This is actually the second version of this cosplay that I’ve made.  I always wanted to do a really cool shoot with a group of friends in these costumes, and when they announced the FF7 Remake, I felt a kick of renewed inspiration for cosplaying it.  My friend Manzi and I had talked years ago about doing these costumes together, and we finally got it together and did it!  The costumes of Cloud and Aerith were made by me, as well as the Tifa wig and accessories.  These photos were shot on location in Chinatown Los Angeles, and required a lot of prep due to the nature of shooting in downtown.  This is one of two shoots that we did in these costumes, the other in a studio set of Don Corneo’s bedroom that my husband and I built from scratch.  Oh the crazy things we do for nerd inspiration!

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