Comic: Elfquest
Photography: Kyle Johnsen

Sometimes I really enjoy cosplaying as the villain!  Winnowill is one crazy chick.  She is the big baddy of Wendi and Richard Pini’s comic series, Elfquest.  This costume was a last minute decision to make and wear.  It took me about a week to throw the entire thing together, with most of it focused on the wig.  This was also my first endeavor making something with faux fur, and I wasn’t prepared for the fur-splosion.  Anyone who has ever worked with faux fur knows that you’ll find that stuff even years later!  My body is painted white, which took about 4 hours unfortunately, and we shot these photos before heading over to San Diego Comic Con for a quick circuit around the convention floor to see if anybody would recognize me!  While obscure, there were still some fans, which really made my day because I love to geek out!

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