DBZ Android Saga: Bulma and Baby Trunks

Anime: Dragon Ball Z
Bulma: Me
Trunks: My baby
Photographers: September Sky Photography, Sylvia Gunde Photography

This was a dream cosplay for me to be able to do. This is a cosplay of when the Z-fighters meet Trunks for the first time!  Even though this costume I thought was super hideous, it’s a snapshot of the early 90’s and such a blast to recreate. Also, being postpartum at this time, it was nice to have something easy, since I was still getting used to being a mom and didn’t feel up to making a big crazy costume. The stressful thing about shooting these was the fact that my child would only be the right age to play Trunks for a short period of time. They grow fast, so I had to work quickly to get this shot!

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