Monday, June 15, 2009

Going to St. Petersburg Tonight!

Moscow is super awesome!! The sun only goes away here for 4 hours! The last two days we spent adjusting to the jet lag, as well as attending the russian convention. I really found myself super impressed with their masquerade, not because it went for 8 hours “_” but because every single skit was top notch and more like a very rehearsed performance rather than a typical masquerade skit. I think if the skits were like normal ones I’m used to then I’d be spooning out my eyes and eating them by the end of the 8 hours.

Today we’re hanging out with some of LoveSquad and they’ll be taking us around to things like the Red Square and other historic monuments.

Tonight we are traveling by private train sleeper car to St. Petersburg where we’ll be photoshooting with a really gorgeous model in one of Lillyxandra’s fairy costumes for Kyle and her fairy project. I’m so excited to see the costume up close and see it on the model. Although I am a little nervous since our friend Leetah told us to keep silent and not speak from the moment we leave the subway to themoment we get inside the train station so as not to identify ourselves as Americans. Apparently there are people who are drunk and hang around the train station who will kill us if we give ourselves away. I don’t really know what to make of that, but its scary. This will be like a secret agent disguise mission but IRL :(

Why can’t we all just love each other ;_;

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Russia Journal Update!

Wow that was disasterous.  We arrived to the airport at LAX at 5:45 AM, but our flight didn’t leave until 8.  United literally had us waiting there at the counter up until our flight was boarding! They were so inefficient!  All we had to do was get our bags ticketed so we could go.  Luckily they sent a representative with us to security and they put us at the front of the line.  Even then we had to run to our flight and were the last ones on it! 

The flight to DC was uneventful.  Joellen and Kyle sat in front of me and Ginny.  Ginny slept and I read Wheel of Time.  When we got to DC we made sure to annoy everyone on the plane with our excited hyper banter, and then deplaned and ate some really gross sandwiches.  I tried in vain to call my boyfriend many times during the layover but he had no signal and didn’t get my calls ;_;!!! I was sad..

The flight to Russia was nonstop from DC, and it was okay.  Joellen and I spent the first few hours talking about our Zelda cosplay group of ultimate awesomeness that we’ve been planning for a while, and then we took our sleeping pills and tried to sleep.  Around that time we think that the kid sitting in front of us peed on her seat and dribbled pee onto my purse.  It was… awkward.  We tried to fall asleep but there was a guy in the back of the plane who kept walking his screaming child back and forth down the aisle for about 4 hours.  What the hell is wrong with parents that they don’t just dump benedryl down their kids throats and put them to sleep? EZFIX!! retards!

We’re here in Moscow now and we tried to go to Red Square but yesterday was independence day and it was too crowded.  We opted for sleeping instead… then woke up at midnight because the sun HAD NOT GONE DOWN YET… how trippy is THAT? We thought it was morning but it was only midnight!

will keep everyone posted wink the adventure is only just starting ^^!

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Monday, October 06, 2008


So it turns out that I guess Miley cyrus shares the same birthday as me.  We went to Disneyland today, my sister, Ben, and me… and it was so crowded for “miley’s” sweet 16.  lol wow… and they closed it at 5.  So instead we just went home (since we’re premium passholders) and watched movies and ordered pizza, and I instructed Mira in how to construct a bliaut according to the patterns I’d drafted.  XD~~  woo 10 yards of continuous dress!

Also, I got a new bike!  Woo! My mom bought me a bike for my birthday because I have to have some mode of transportation to get to the metrolink.  My new apartment in South Pasadena is about a mile away from the train station so yay :D!!! Although it’ll be a little more expensive since I have to jump onto the subway once I get to Union Station.  So I suppose a day pass is the best way to go about doing it.

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Back from Japan

I had an EXTREMELY wonderful time! I also got to debut a new costume which was incredibly comfortable to wear.  *_*!  Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier.  Gonna go load my photos onto my computer and write an actual report.  I have 2 photos so far, I chose to post the one that shows more of my top.  Photo is by Paolo Cellammare!

See you soon Deculture!

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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Japan Again

Annnd on Wednesday I will be heading to Japan again for Comiket and generally just to hang out with people.  Going to do a really cute photo shoot out there of a new costume that I’m sure everyone will really dig.  I’m very excited to wear it since the character is so cool and the outfit is really REALLY cute!

Update on Kiki.. We haven’t tested for tumors yet… I don’t know why, but the vet said they wanted to wait for 2 weeks. So I suppose I’ll have to wait till I come back from Japan to test her. I have my friend Ben coming to stay at the house with her while I’m gone so that she she has someone she knows with her and doesn’t get depressed that no one is there. She came back positive with a thyroid disease, so they gave me medicine that would help regulate her thyroid levels. The thyroid explained the gross weight loss, so now I’m feeding her 3 cans of cat food a day to pack it back on her, and giving her her medicine. ^^; Hopefully everything will be okay.

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Monday, April 28, 2008

Japan Update

imageI’m having a lot of fun in Tokyo right now with my friends.  I attended a cosplay event and it was a real blast.  I made a lot of new friends and it was probably the most fun I’ve had in a long time cosplaying!!  There was an FF7 group that for some reason had every character but Aeris, and we took pictures together.  imageIt was so fun!! Cloud and Zack were so awesome!  I am now determined to learn Japanese so that I can speak to my friends o_O! It was very fun… but it would have been more fun if I didn’t have to go through Jacky to talk to everyone.  Thank you so much Jacky!  And thank you Ayaka for babysitting me.  <3

I enjoyed meeting everyone, and hopefully I will have a blog up soon in Japanese.  Today is Kyle’s birthday so we’re going out to have some fun, and then maybe I might even get a tour of Square-Enix from a friend.  *_* Won’t that be cool.  See you soon guys.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Japan Trip

Going to Japan tomorrow morning for 8 or so days.  I’m sorely overdue for a vacation away from Huntington Beach.  Being without a car has started to give me cabin fever!  Not to mention the fact that my mother sprang on us 3 unexpected guests without telling us in advance… so our house has been rather full.  Anyway… enough of that!

While I’m out in Tokyo I’m going to attend one of the special cosplay events, and hopefully it won’t be as scary as Comiket!  I’m looking forward to it, and I’m sure you guys can guess which costume I’ll wear.  Yep, you guessed it!  Aeris -_-;;  Much as I don’t want to… it’s definitely the easiest costume to wear and put on, and it’s insanely easy to travel with!  So… Aeris it is.  ;\ 

I’ll see you guys when I get back :D

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Monday, April 14, 2008

New Belle Costume!~~Saboten-Con Guest Invite


imageI’ve been invited as a guest at Saboten-Con in Phoenix Arizona!  I’m really excited because Phoenix (and Mesa XD) is one of my favorite cities.  Arizona cons are some of the best, and the cosplayers from there are sooo nice!  I hope to see a big turn out of cosplay at Saboten-Con.. so please spread the word around.  Also, I’m curious what kinds of things people would like me to talk about at my panel?  I’m not sure if they want me to have one or two panels, so I’m factoring on one and filling it up with stuff to talk about.  If you have any suggestions please let me know!

Yay.  So remember that bad little digital camera picture I posted a while back of my new Belle costume?  I finally got to take pictures of it! It was sooo hot but it was really fun! ^_^

Here’s a teaser until I get the full gallery up! I want so much more than they’ve got plaaaaanned!!!! etc etc XD!

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