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Saturday, March 07, 2009


Being back in LA certainly depresses me.  Long distance is really hard.  Being away from the one you love is just… agonizing.  Hopefully the stupid corporation that he’s applied with will call him back so he can just move here already!!! ;akdjfaldsjfadf >:/

So I have decided to post some kissyface pictures because its my website and I can!!! BWA HA HAAAA!!!


But really now… I’m smitten.  Hey everybody! I am in love! This sure is amazing… O_o;;

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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Lalala Winnemucca…

So I’ve been in Winnemucca, NV with my boyfriend, and like… you guys should google maps this place.  There’s nothing here! But funny enough.. my dad actually KNEW Winnemucca, because apparently in 1977 he broke down on his motorcycle here.  Too funny!  @___@  I really don’t want to go back to California… back to reality.  I’m going to be sooo depressed when I return.  Don’t wanna leave!!!

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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Kamelot Concert(s)!!!

God I love this band.  I really really do.  I worship Crystal for sending me A Sailorman’s Hymn years ago.  It was what prompted me to crazily binge on amazon and buy every single Album they had released to date (up till Epica at the time).  When The Black Halo came out… and later Ghost Opera, I swear I was in heaven.  Last year, when they came to LA, it was my sisters 21st birthday and I had already agreed to take her to Vegas.  I was really sour on missing the show, but this year I was NOT going to miss it!  My roommate surprised me with tickets to the hollywood show, and we went to see them in Hollywood.  I must say that Edguy really impressed me, and the acoustics inside of KeyClub were really awesome!  I was in the back though, so my experience wasn’t quite what it was in San Antonio.  Here’s why:

On Sunday night, I decided I was going to do something completely nuts and chase them to texas.  I didn’t want to follow them to Mexicali on Monday since that was the day before school, so I opted for San Antonio, TX.  Funny enough, the club that they were playing at “Scout Club” is literally located at the mouth of my dad’s neighborhood.  I could have walked back to my dad’s house from the venue!  But thats not the awesomest part.  I scheduled my flight out of CA on friday at 6 AM, meaning I had to be at Ontario Airport (the cheapest airport to fly out of) by 5, so I was up at 3:45AM.  Flew to texas with a layover in colorado… and 5.5 hours later, my sister was picking me up in San Antonio.  We went to the club that night, and she went along with me to humor me and laugh at me while I jumped around like a land-bound fish in excitement. 

The pinnacle of the evening was catching the attention of Thomas Youngblood up on stage.  He tossed his waterbottle at someone in the crowd, and I jumped up and threw my arms out at him with the pouty face that won me a knight at Medieval Times.  This pouty face really works! He managed to see me and nod his head, then went and got his other waterbottle, pointed at me, and threw it to me.  I jumped up, caught it, screamed.. and fell over.  I’m quite the intense fangirl!  Khan outdid himself, and so did the rest of them.  I must say the acoustics in LA were better than in San Antonio, but Scout Club is brand new, and likely still working that stuff out.


This is my beloved waterbottle! Cell phone picture courtesy of my sister Dana.  I’m still in Texas till tomorrow morning ^_^

I’m TOTALLY checking my carryon on the flight home because they are NOT going to take my Thomas waterbottle away from me >:[  I’ll finish the water off and then maybe like… put some beads or something inside of it iono… I’m so happy though! After the stress of the past couple weeks this really rocked!

Also… My sister ALMOST caught Casey’s drumstick but she was too short.  :(  she jumped up to catch it for me and some big dude behind her knocked her over and grabbed it.  She later informed me that she almost grabbed it away from him.  ROFL.



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Monday, February 18, 2008

Website Glitch Update

So I’ve been getting tons of emails in the past 6 months or so about my website having a very buggy registration and log in feature.  Something to messed up in the programming a while ago and I haven’t had the ability to go in and fix it.  I’m going to though!! I’ve been working on a new site design and layout, which should be even better than the one I have now.  I’ll be fixing the buggy log-in function and imageregistration so that you guys can actually comment.  I’ve noticed in the server logs that many people have tried to log in and register but only a few ever are successful at it.  I really apologize for this and I’m going to fix it very soon!!

In the meantime.. I’ve been meaning to show this to you guys…I whipped up Belle’s blue peasant dress a while ago and just haven’t had a chance to take pictures yet.  ^_^

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Coolest Vids Ever! Masa D. Luffy—Dancing!

So I’ve made a new friend on AIM recently who’s really cool, and we got to chatting about dancing.  I’m a lover of all forms of dance, so when he sent me this video sort of jokingly I was BLOWN away! It’s SO cool! Not only does it have dance in it.. but it has COSPLAY! That is just so awesome to me!!!  There’s two versions of this video… an older version and a newer version.  Check them out! I just had to share this with everybody because it’s so cool!


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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Crusades

image imageNo these aren’t like the crusades we learned about in school… these crusades are on a wholly different level.  These crusades are about the Nintendo Wii and the Graphire 6x8!  These things I’ve been obsessed with forever and I tried getting the tablet for my birthday but that ended up not happening.  So I try again for this next holiday season.  Being in school has made it literally impossible for me to hold a job, so I haven’t gone out and gotten one.  I’m simply focusing solely on school… and withhow ridiculously expensive this school IS… I better do well!  That’s what I tell myself.  And so I crusade and plot to find ways to obtain the two things I want.  A Wii, and a Tablet.  How will I get them?  I don’t know… but maybe some of my birthday money will help? XD

Today’s Mood:  Determined!


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Monday, November 27, 2006

Back from Thanksgiving!

Well actually I got back yesterday, but from the moment I got home I’ve been glued to my books.  I have to do a makeup midterm tomorrow and blahblahblah.  I had a real great time in texas and I really just miss the beautiful tall trees in Houston.  My aunt lives in such a lovely neighborhood.  All the houses are so nice and I just love the trees.  This year my Aunt Peggy from Australia came to visit and she rarely comes to the states.  I was so happy to see her because she’s really fun to hang out with.  She has a good head on her shoulders and she’s so youthful!  My Mimi looked alot better this Thanksgiving than we thought she would.  She was walking a little bit and even talking.  She recognized me which I really didn’t think she would, and she understood what I was telling her.  I really hope she gets better because she was always such an athletic and spunky lady. 

The pics I’ve attached are from my adventure to the Memorial City Mall with Leah, Dana, Jessica, and Gina (who is my cousin) and our testing of a Brookstone invention.  It was SO funny.  I was walking out of Abercrombie with Jessica and came upon Leah sitting on this weird jostling seat thing…. it was absolutely hilarious so I sat down on one next to her and got thrashed around myself.  I seriously felt like I was having to hold on for dear life!  We were cracking everyone up who walked by with our silliness.  The other picture is mom and Aunt Peggy.  Enjoy! Hope everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving had a good one!imageimage

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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Anime Expo doom approaches…

DOOM.  Yeah that’s what Anime Expo means to most procrastinating cosplayers.  But this is the first year of AX that I haven’t procrastinated.  I started about 2 months ago working solid every single day for about 3/4 hours a day on costumes and so far I’ve been able to fully complete 4 for Anime Expo (3 for me 1 for my sister…).  Currently finishing up the 5th (for my sister).  It’s been pretty stressful but one thing I can say that I am coming out of this with… is time management.  I’ve never been so dedicated and good with my time before.  I get up at 5 AM, head over to the hospital… work for 8 hours, head to the gym for 2 hours… then go home and sew until 9 PM…shower, then sleep at 10 PM.  rinse and repeat.  I’ve forced myself onto a rigorous schedule so I’ll be glad when AX (and then Comic Con) will be over with and all I have to worry about is work and then come fall… school!!!  Finally starting… it’s taken me 4 years to figure out what it is I want to do with my life and I think I’m finally on the right path.

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