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I added some facebook and twitter widgets so you guys can follow me on those sites.  I’m gonna remove the commenting ability for the time being on my blog entries because member log in is bugged out, as well as member registration.  I’m too lazy at the moment to figure out what went wrong and how to fix it, so please just follow me on facebook or twitter or both!~~~

I’ll eventually fix it, that way people can start receiving email updates on the mailing list when I’m updating my site.  After this massive costume sale is over, I’ve got a lot of costumes I plan on making and I’m really excited! I’ve taken pretty much a 3 year hiatus from cosplay because of college and now that I’ve graduated and found a job, things are calming down.  There’s so much going on good in my life, but I really miss my creative outlet.  Sewing and making fun pretty things was one of my favorite ways to express myself, and now that I once again have the time to do it, I’m cleaning out my closet of old and making space for new!

Get yours while their hot! I’ll update next week with costume sizes and desired pricing so that everyone can get the information they’ve been asking for.  I have all my costumes in my possession once again (finally—they were all in storage in Vegas for FOREVER) but I’m gonna need some time to go through them and unpack them out of boxes and organize everything and see what I’ve got to work with.  This weekend is when I plan to do it all so please check back next week.

Posted by Adella on 11/10 at 05:48 AM

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