The stuff I put up with!!

So here I am… busting my butt working on this wool coat… and kitty decides that she has found the perfect spot to snooze while I am away pressing a pattern piece!


I swear!

imageIn other news…I was asked to do an interview for a column on the prestigious gamer website:  The column is written by a popular game journalist and blogger named Leigh Alexander, and can be found: Here.  Enjoy!  I urge you all to read her other works; they are very interesting.  A lot of the stuff is NSFW but that’s what makes it interesting in the first place! I first found this column when a friend of mine sent me a link about an article written on AOL Role Play, something I used to constantly partake in.  I found out later that many of my hardcore gamer friends read this column, so when I was contacted and asked to do an interview I was stoked!

Posted by Adella on 11/17 at 10:06 PM
  1. Hahahaha.  Oooh, cats.  they can be so troublesome.  This is why I have dogs.  (That, and I’m allergic to kitties.  ;_;)

    That article was actually pretty cool.  And you’re so right.  It’s just a hobby… a very EXPENSIVE hobby at times, but I don’t see hwy some people have to get so bent out of shape.  I’d never really thought about it but, you’re right, it’s like people don’t see you as a cosplay half the time, just as a   personification of the character you’re dressed as.  That can be both flattering and extreeemely creepy.

    Posted by sumikins  on  11/17  at  10:35 PM
  2. Great article. You sure have your share of creepy and eerie people. guess it comes with the hobby. haha. I wasn’t a big fan of Aeris but I didn’t loath her enough to yell at someone cosplaying her. I never met you before but made a right guess at your name when I knew about you maybe more than a year ago. My friend says your the best Aeris cosplayer ever and she thinks your drawings are awesome.^_^ We sooo want to befriend you. haha. nice cat by the way.

    Posted by hwan long  on  11/18  at  02:21 AM
  3. I read that article and I must say I’m saddened by some of the things you have had to put up with. People need to learn the difference between their obesssions and reality. Here’s to hoping you have more good experiences then bad in the future.

    Hehehe also nice cat pic, cats always find the oddest (and cutest) places to sleep.

    Posted by caspien  on  11/18  at  04:28 AM
  4. Actually, I have always expected some difficulties in your life, because of what your doing. People’s obsession for an idol, a videogame character or even a real person can evolve to critical dimensions some times. It always make me sad, when I read about it, be it online, in the newspapers or when I watch it on televison.

    Here in Germany there has been a great discussion about the theme of stalking as a crime lately. The problem was that the police had never been able to do anything against stalkers before the stalker him- or herself had committed a violent act or anything else criminal according to german law.

    Because the known cases of stalking had increased a lot during the last years, a new article was added to german law that finally gives the victims of stalkers a legal basis to act against them before it comes to palpable actions.

    In this country stalking already starts “just” by harassing a person continuously via email, by phone or by writing letters.

    Last week a case made great waves when a man reported about his experiences with a stalking woman who fell in love with his girlfriend after she had seen her on TV. She ultimately tried to kill him with a hammer in his flat when his girlfriend refused to have any contact to the stalking woman. Before her attempt to murder him the woman had incommodated both of them with about 30 phone calls, 50 SMS and the same ammount of emails per day. She had parked in front of their house to watch them during the night and followed them secretely to each meeting with other friends to terrorize them via telephone afterwards.

    I doubt (and sure hope I’m right when I doubt it) that anyone of your fans is as mentally instable as those people, whose sense for reality took a serious hit, when their original love turned to hatred because their real live experiences didn’t live up to their expectations.

    I also do not want to make you even more insecure than you probably are. Those cases I mentioned are at the extreme end of a scale of human emotional states.

    Nevertheless you should give a harsh sign when someone intrudes your personal live in a way you don’t want him or her to. It’s the opinion of most experts that it’s very important to show the other person the limits - also for a possible prosecution that may follow later on.

    I like what you’re doing. I think your costumes are really beautiful and to see you in them is something for the eyes. That’s it. Your pictures show your natural beauty underlined by some craftswomanship that has been aquired during your years of work. When it comes to your good looks: well, you were lucky. Go and thank the Lord for it. When it comes to your costumes: you deserve my respect as an artist.

    What your pictures don’t tell me: who you really are. They just show me a small (or maybe even a bigger) part of what you like - but they don’t tell me anything about what moves you, what makes you laugh, what makes you cry - in short: what’s going on in your mind.

    I have to admit I would be interested in finding out. Meeting people and get to know them is my passion additionally to writing books. -And you really seem to be an interesting person. Especially because you`re standing in such a focus of public interest with all its ups and downs.

    The last thing I want to write is, that I liked the fact, that in this article I finally read your true forename. It helps to seperate the fictious character Adella from the real person even more - if one had ever had problems with that. Amusing: my girlfriend and soon to be wife has the same forename. The actual meaning of it is “The ruler”, like in princess or queen. I’m sure you know the biblical references.


    Posted by sanjiyan  on  11/18  at  10:37 AM
  5. OMG that is sooooooooooooooo cute *_*
    she looks so sweet and peacefull XD

    Posted by hanami  on  11/21  at  11:34 AM
  6. Cats chose the most inconveniant places to sleep! But then you just don’t have the heart to move them ‘cause they look so sweet!!

    Congrats with getting the interview ^_~

    Posted by crimson_cobwebs  on  11/22  at  11:58 AM
  7. Awwww! That’s so cute! ^^ I love it when cats sleep in the weirdest places. lol

    Oh, wow. I had no idea that things were that bad. *huggles* I mean, I knew that there was stupid drama around the internet about you but I didn’t think that things actually got that ridiculous. But yeah, I agree with what you said. Some people really DO take cosplay too seriously. I’ve also cosplayed as Aerith a lot because I love that character and people actually have come up to me and said things like, “Ewww! Aerith! Go away!” or, “You’re supposed to be dead! Why are you here?” I usually shrug it off because I think that people just joke around about that stuff. I didn’t think that anyone would actually go as far as to physically assault you. That’s so crazy! I don’t blame you for not wanting to make Crisis Core Aerith. Well, I’m really sorry that the cosplay community has caused you so much pain. I really am just shocked. But I respect and admire the fact that you’ve continued to cosplay and don’t let all that stuff stamp out your creativity. ^^ Well, I hope to see you at future So Cal cons! *big hug*

    Posted by celestialaurora  on  11/23  at  03:52 AM
  8. *_____*

    Beautiful cat ^^

    Your cat should be calm
    My cat is crazy O_O
    Bites me all the time

    *Tired to translate the interview*

    Posted by kekeuvox  on  11/23  at  11:57 PM
  9. I’m sorry about the things you have to put up with. You’re very talented and seem like a very nice young woman, and you don’t deserve all of the BS you have to put up with simply because, as you put it, you decided to play dress-up one day and shared it with other people. Unfortunately, that’s one of the very negative aspects that comes with being a celebrity (regardless if it’s online or not)—you meet some horrible people. But you also meet some amazing friends, rather than become jaded, I hope you learn to brush those people off.

    Thank you for showing us your wonderful talent and dedication you put into sewing, especially because of what you have to put up with to enjoy this hobby with others who appreciate it. smile

    Posted by hybridmoon  on  12/02  at  06:49 PM
  10. hahahaha your cat xD

    Posted by jinzo  on  01/24  at  03:01 AM
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