The Crusades

image imageNo these aren’t like the crusades we learned about in school… these crusades are on a wholly different level.  These crusades are about the Nintendo Wii and the Graphire 6x8!  These things I’ve been obsessed with forever and I tried getting the tablet for my birthday but that ended up not happening.  So I try again for this next holiday season.  Being in school has made it literally impossible for me to hold a job, so I haven’t gone out and gotten one.  I’m simply focusing solely on school… and withhow ridiculously expensive this school IS… I better do well!  That’s what I tell myself.  And so I crusade and plot to find ways to obtain the two things I want.  A Wii, and a Tablet.  How will I get them?  I don’t know… but maybe some of my birthday money will help? XD

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Posted by Adella on 11/28 at 05:33 PM
  1. If people in your entourage are intelligent, for the holidays they can buy you one since you dun work by logic xD; and as for the Wii, well…it just came out and stuff so maybe for now it’s not worth buying. I heard it’s hard to find and well prototypes always break first ^^ I personally will wait a few months before buying one. A tablet is koo though =P

    Posted by noxy_schala  on  11/28  at  06:50 PM
  2. If you didn’t camp out a store on the night before the Wii came out then it’s close to impossible to get one now. Every store that my mom went to said that they only had 15 or 20 and there would be 40 people in line waiting for it. Luckily we were still able to get one since my mom and brother camped out at Toys R Us and they had 50 units. But even though you didn’t get one, I heard that a second shipping is coming soon. ^^

    My Japanese teacher actually has this really cool laptop that’s a template as well. Seeing it so made me want one too! lol Well, good luck with getting your template! ^^

    Posted by celestialaurora  on  11/28  at  08:46 PM
  3. I would suggest getting your tablet from here : you get a discount for being a student. When I got mine I got about 25% because my mom was a teacher. Think you’d really like a tablet they just have a learning curve from pencil and paper. I would suggest trying to do side jobs or selling things on ebay which you don’t really need. Good luck!

    Posted by oaosav  on  11/28  at  09:26 PM
  4. Yeah same in Canada lol. They said they would get more Wiis on Monday or something. Marketing strategies o_O

    Posted by noxy_schala  on  11/28  at  10:34 PM
  5. Cute entry ^_^

    Posted by candyfloss  on  11/29  at  02:08 PM
  6. Wow, sounds hard to get it. I hope it isn´t so hard to get it on Sweden. But anyway I won´t buy it eather. The only thing I want is Zelda-Twilight princess and that game seems to come out to Gamecube too.

    Posted by minerva  on  11/29  at  03:53 PM
  7. Yeah, if you weren’t crazy enough to camp outside a store then getting a wii is going to be impossible now, unless you wanna pay thousands over ebay.
    -_-;; You might as well spend your money getting a tablet cuz its going to be a while before you can get a wii. My brother and I plan on waiting until the price goes down, that should also give ample time to see if theres any problems with it. But its your choice! Good Luck Adella! ^-^

    Posted by lasilon  on  11/29  at  11:55 PM
  8. When the Wii was coming to South America?
    Always they forget us… :(

    Posted by Orisha  on  11/30  at  12:16 AM
  9. I kinda want a Wii, too.  If I get one, we’re totally having game night!

    Posted by cormacf  on  11/30  at  07:32 AM
  10. Dear Lady Adella

    I’m on the same cursade!

    I also Long for the WII and A copy of the new zelda, I also Would Love to have a Playsation 3 and a copy of Oblivion.

    I hope you get what your heart Desires ^_^

    I have a Lot of work tomorrow, Finals are at hand!

    May we Crusaders over Come the hardships of the battlefield and come out Victorious!


    Posted by uthardar  on  12/01  at  12:33 AM
  11. Zelda on the Wii is really cool
    Link its so sexy oh my god ^.^

    Posted by reptile  on  12/01  at  06:08 PM
  12. New costume idea, Adella?

    Another Aeris for you =D;;;

    Posted by noxy_schala  on  12/01  at  08:24 PM
  13. My brother was the second person to buy TP, coolness, eh? He hasn’t gotten the Wii yet, but when he comes back he will buy it.

    Posted by geninlizzy  on  12/03  at  10:08 PM
  14. Dear Lady Adella,


    Posted by diobrando  on  01/28  at  06:15 AM

    Posted by diobrando  on  01/28  at  06:16 AM

    Posted by diobrando  on  01/28  at  06:17 AM

    Posted by diobrando  on  01/28  at  06:03 PM
  18. Your costumes are so pretty! *just signed up*

    Ahum.. I have the Wii and Zelda too, and they’re defenitely worth spending your money on! I only just finished the game, one hour ago (*cries*) and I loved it. And I would seriouly love it if you could do a cosplay on Midna.. when.. *spoils it* can’t say it. Anywho, the game is huge, I was amazed at the size of Hyrule field, specially if the last Zelda you played was OoT (like in my case). It’s… huge. And Epona improved a lot too. Okay, I’m going to stop blabbling now.

    Posted by mimiyokei  on  02/25  at  02:26 PM
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