Russia Journal Update!

Wow that was disasterous.  We arrived to the airport at LAX at 5:45 AM, but our flight didn’t leave until 8.  United literally had us waiting there at the counter up until our flight was boarding! They were so inefficient!  All we had to do was get our bags ticketed so we could go.  Luckily they sent a representative with us to security and they put us at the front of the line.  Even then we had to run to our flight and were the last ones on it! 

The flight to DC was uneventful.  Joellen and Kyle sat in front of me and Ginny.  Ginny slept and I read Wheel of Time.  When we got to DC we made sure to annoy everyone on the plane with our excited hyper banter, and then deplaned and ate some really gross sandwiches.  I tried in vain to call my boyfriend many times during the layover but he had no signal and didn’t get my calls ;_;!!! I was sad..

The flight to Russia was nonstop from DC, and it was okay.  Joellen and I spent the first few hours talking about our Zelda cosplay group of ultimate awesomeness that we’ve been planning for a while, and then we took our sleeping pills and tried to sleep.  Around that time we think that the kid sitting in front of us peed on her seat and dribbled pee onto my purse.  It was… awkward.  We tried to fall asleep but there was a guy in the back of the plane who kept walking his screaming child back and forth down the aisle for about 4 hours.  What the hell is wrong with parents that they don’t just dump benedryl down their kids throats and put them to sleep? EZFIX!! retards!

We’re here in Moscow now and we tried to go to Red Square but yesterday was independence day and it was too crowded.  We opted for sleeping instead… then woke up at midnight because the sun HAD NOT GONE DOWN YET… how trippy is THAT? We thought it was morning but it was only midnight!

will keep everyone posted wink the adventure is only just starting ^^!

Posted by Adella on 06/12 at 11:59 PM
  1. ...I hope that the comment about shoving drugs down a child’s throat to quiet them down was meant to be a joke.

    I’ll take a bet that the pee was probably juice or something. Well, at least for your sake I hope it was. Anyway have fun in Moscow. I’m excited to see your photos when you come back.

    Posted by hybridmoon  on  06/14  at  08:01 PM
  2. It was definitely NOT a joke.  My mother used to do it to us before we’d fly and we’d fall right asleep the entire flight.  I’ll do it to my kids too.  Benedryl is FTW.

    Posted by Adella  on  06/15  at  12:07 AM
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