Not Attending Anime Expo

Since so many people have been asking me, and I’ve been replying in so many different places, I thought I’d make an announcement about AX so I don’t make anyone mad who in the past I told I would meet there.

My boyfriend wasn’t able to get time off to go to Anime Expo, and currently neither of us can afford the hotel room, or the gas it’ll take to get there. So unfortunately those three factors are preventing me from going. I’d like to be able to go and see everyone like usual, but I just won’t be able to make it this year.

It’s kind of weird since I’ve been spending 4th of July weekend at AX every year since I was 19. What am I gonna do with myself?! O_O!!

If anyone is going, please give Adele Sessler some love in artist alley, because I wanted to and won’t be able to now!

Posted by Adella on 06/30 at 05:30 PM
  1. Have A happy 4th.

    Posted by oaosav  on  06/30  at  10:10 PM
  2. @_@ I’ve always wanted to attend some sort of event like this, but gosh I hardly know anything about them. xD

    But yeah, have a happy 4th of July, Adella! :D

    Posted by arab57g  on  07/02  at  10:55 AM
  3. Aww! that sucks it must feel really weird not being able to go after you’ve been every year for a long time. I hope you find some thing fun to do to pass the time though I can’t think of anything more fun its not fair! :’(

    Posted by Sorceress Sheyshen  on  07/02  at  11:21 AM
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    I thought you would appreciate this.

    Posted by geninlizzy  on  07/07  at  10:04 PM
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