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So I’ve spent an enormous amount of time on this new layout, and I hope it looks alright on most resolutions.  There’s a couple of glitches, and a few more things I want to add—but other than that I think it looks pretty okay. 

Be looking in the future for when I open up Ask Adella.  I’m planning on beginning a tutorial section of my site, however I want to do it in a more interactive and fun way.  Once in a while I’m going to select a random email—a random question that perhaps has been asked very frequently, and I’m going to write a sort of editorial-ish article on how to do it.  Perhaps it might be Fabric information?  Or ruching for Belle’s dress?  Or the duct tape dress form?  or drafting your own personalized sloper?  Eitherway… I like to help people, but I get so many emails so often that it gets really tiring and difficult to reply to them all (especially if it’s a lot of the same question).  This way I think I can help a lot of people and save them the trouble of writing me and waiting for a response. 

Lastly, I’m going to be sending out an email spam to all of my members letting them know that I’ve fixed their registration issues, and password drama.  Everybody -SHOULD- be able to log in and comment now.  (keyword SHOULD!)... so please give it a try and if you receive any errors, please email me with the exact phrase of the error!  adella @ adellacosplay . com [remove spaces]. 

Posted by Adella on 03/23 at 02:49 AM
  1. I really like the header image, it’s very pretty. I confess I’m going to miss the pink though, and I preferred the old image in your bottom right corner. ^^; Oh well, out with the old…

    And! The idea of a tutorial section sounds lovely. I’m no accomplishment at costume-making myself (far from, in fact) but I do like reading up on how other people manage it.

    Posted by mirroredsakura  on  03/23  at  12:19 PM
  2. I love the new layout!! Its absolutely beautiful! As for the Ask Adella editorial.. I think its a lovely idea!! <3

    Posted by sleeping_aeris  on  03/23  at  01:46 PM
  3. I’m finally able to comment after so long! ;o; Awesome.

    Your new layout is very cool :D Purple is such a nice color. So far no errors on my end, but if any pop up I’ll be sure to let you know.


    Posted by Mandy  on  03/23  at  03:45 PM
  4. Yup, I can log in just fine.

    I wholeheartedly approve of the new layout!  Teru-chan is a damn good artist, and I too am a fan of purple.

    The tutorial sounds interesting.  I doubt I’ll ever hand-make a piece of clothing, but it’s still nice to learn new stuff.  It’ll be like that “How it’s made” show on the Discovery Channel, only the narrator is replaced by a cute cosplayer and there are no commercials for Dirty Jobs.

    Posted by quor  on  03/23  at  04:30 PM
  5. Log in/Registering works, the layout is gorgeous and so far I’ve had no problems with resolution.

    quor, lol! That’s so true. Out with Dirty Jobs commercials, in with cute cosplayers! Ask Adella will be a hit for sure.

    Posted by Jessika  on  03/23  at  07:36 PM
  6. I do have an question though (on something I just noticed) is that my name shows up as the AIM username I typed in as opposed to the username I log in with on the site. This normal? *curious*

    Posted by Mandy  on  03/23  at  07:37 PM
  7. This layout is beautiful! *0* I especially love how the header was designed. And I think the chibis you got make it even more adorable! <3

    Posted by HylianBlood  on  03/23  at  09:19 PM
  8. I love this new layout! Especially since purple has always been my favorite color. The chibis around the site are really cute as well. ^.^

    Also, I’m so happy I’m finally able to register! Everything’s been going fine with that so far. In fact, I’ve had no more trouble navigating the site than I did with the previous layout. I’m looking forward to the new Ask Adella feature too!

    Posted by Dramaya M.  on  03/24  at  06:55 PM
  9. cool design, I like especially “About Me” ^^
    if only I could so nice describe myself…

    but I have an ask, could you change:
    - in gifts:
    By P4rn on By piR4te_p4Rn (I added piR4te after I had seen PoTC)
    and in media:
    Adella Music Video - By Parn02 on Adella Music Video - By piR4te_p4Rn (in the profile on u2b under the name of account there is my nick)
    ? with exact size of letters ^^;

    Posted by piR4te_p4Rn  on  03/24  at  08:33 PM
  10. I’m log in… all be right…

    One thing… The Teruchan’s grafics are sooooooooooooooo cute… I love them… ^.~

    Posted by Orisha  on  03/27  at  12:51 AM
  11. The new layout is very cool and refreshing.  Keep up the great work !

    Posted by lazyass24seven  on  04/01  at  07:43 PM
  12. Hey tried emailing you from my email but keep getting maildaemon error is there anyway you can email me at my gf has a question about one of your costumes she likes

    Posted by edgeofeblanx  on  04/01  at  08:22 PM
  13. Greath work Adella! The new layout is so cool!
    Kisses from Italy


    Posted by zealoth  on  04/02  at  08:39 AM
    ........ the truth is out there, don’t try to hide it!!

    Posted by hater  on  05/30  at  02:28 PM
  15. don’t try to hide it!!? you are only a little bastard

    Posted by zealoth  on  05/30  at  04:01 PM
  16. The web looks pretty good (Even though i dont know what the old website looked like) Nevetheless it still lokks Brill smile

    Posted by Major  on  08/09  at  06:46 AM
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