New Costume!

Yay.  I’m like 99% done with a new costume.  I’m not going to say what it is yet until I surprise you all with pictures.  I got an injury from this one too.  I was cutting boning to put in the bodice and I cut about half an inch into my finger.  It almost needed stitches.  there was blood EVERYWHERE.  I managed to not get it on my costume though luckily and we didn’t have to get me stitches.  XD

Posted by Adella on 05/20 at 11:28 PM
  1. “I don’t understand why people are so mean to such a artistic, kawaii, smexy person. ^^ *giggles*

    Posted by tsukihime  on  06/21  at  01:49 PM
  2. awww, you’re so cute XD and complementitive (I can’t spell)! I’m sure Adella will be appreciate
    your complements :3

    Posted by aeris kisaragi  on  06/21  at  01:50 PM
  3. Yeah..the losers at Encyclopedia ######### don’t think before they post.They try to act smart in front of people,but only wind up making themselves look like fools.

    Posted by virtualpetz  on  06/21  at  01:56 PM
  4. I know, and all they’re showing by posting our comments is that Adella has more support and friends than they do :3 so that does us some good! ^_^

    Posted by aeris kisaragi  on  06/21  at  01:57 PM
  5. Yeah.We’re the winners,and ED are the losers.They prove that they’re the losers,and that they’ll never win.It’s funny to see them dig themselves deeper and deeper into doggy dung.

    Posted by virtualpetz  on  06/21  at  02:21 PM
  6. Yay us winners ^____^ I know, they’re just diggin’ and diggin’ xD

    Posted by aeris kisaragi  on  06/21  at  02:22 PM
  7. They also are afraid of people editing their entries.I guess they’re afraid of people finding out the truth about Adella,so they become unglued and scramble to revert the entry to lies before anyone finds out the truth.

    Posted by virtualpetz  on  06/21  at  02:26 PM
  8. Exactly.. and they’re just jealous, anyway.. I bet they look like the rear-end of a donkey, and have no sewing/cosplay skills whatsoever, XD

    Posted by aeris kisaragi  on  06/21  at  02:27 PM
  9. They made themselves look like jackasses when they first started,and they’re STILL making themselves look like jackasses today.I can’t help but laugh at how stupid they are.

    Posted by virtualpetz  on  06/21  at  02:31 PM
  10. I know, and how must they feel, knowing their “fanbase” is laughing it up at them? :D

    Posted by aeris kisaragi  on  06/21  at  02:34 PM
  11. Hey,Aeris-you got instant messaging?If you do,you can reach me at RetroKid65 on AIM,shadow_tabby on Yahoo or kung_fu_pikachu on MSN.I’m sure we’d become good freinds with eachother.

    Posted by virtualpetz  on  06/21  at  02:41 PM
  12. Yups! ^__^ I’ve got (I’m on now), and my AIM screenname is PwnedbyAeris (on now!) I’ll add you ^.^

    Posted by aeris kisaragi  on  06/21  at  02:42 PM
  13. someone’s being mean to Adella? not on my watch! *ignites lightsaber* *readies thermo-nuclear device* *changes to Sper Saiyan 8 form* *Smiles sweetly* now, where are they again?

    Posted by magehound  on  06/21  at  07:30 PM
  14. Maybe no one should have posted about that encyclopedia entry in the first place? T_T

    Posted by noxy_schala  on  06/22  at  01:02 AM
  15. How the can they say so about Adella.My god!What kind of idiots are they!?!

    Posted by minerva  on  06/22  at  03:45 AM
  16. I saw what they writed… Pathetic… They are what we call here in Brazil “Trouxas” or big suckers. How can that people be so mean? They are just jealous about Adella’s fans.

    Posted by kabuki  on  06/22  at  08:09 AM
  17. Eep :| This seems to be getting a bit outta control, I agree with noxy_schala, but it’s not tsukihime’s fault :3

    Posted by aeris kisaragi  on  06/22  at  11:33 AM
  18. Yeah.Hey,Aeris-I’m on now if you wanna chat!

    Posted by virtualpetz  on  06/22  at  11:36 AM
  19. sure ^__^

    Posted by aeris kisaragi  on  06/22  at  11:41 AM
  20. Geeze, they put it on the front page of their wikipedia site! O_O;  how can they hate poor miss Adella-sama so much?

    Posted by tsukihime  on  06/22  at  03:11 PM
  21. They’re just trying to start something to get attention of course. People can be malicious and trying to understand why is pointless. Best thing to do is just to ignore it because it’s obivious on the bottom of the page how they qoute you its for a reaction from the people at this site. There will always be more people to talk more crap about people no matter where you go. Look at it this way more you’re known the worse people would go out of their way to be a jackass.

    Posted by oaosav  on  06/22  at  05:24 PM
  22. xD;;;;;;

    Posted by noxy_schala  on  06/23  at  03:25 AM
  23. Don’t worry, she seriously doesn’t care about this sort of stuff.  There are a few people she used to hang out with all the time on WoW who go around talking #### about her now that she isn’t around anymore.

    Posted by kyle  on  06/23  at  03:52 AM
  24. Wait your saying back, down, forward, a. Will not freeze people outside of Mortal Kombat? When the hell did this happen? Anyways besides from my horrible sarcasm your name you have picked really suits you well. It’s like a reversal of what your talking about. It’s more like 13 year old “fanbois” turned around to 16-17 year old #### talkers.It’s really not worth much time arguing with people that don’t even care for what you have to say but for the response you put in is their sought after reward.

    Posted by oaosav  on  06/23  at  03:55 AM
  25. I agree with oaosav.These people must be REALLY desperate to embarrass themselves in front of everyone.The only reward they’re really getting is them embarrassing themselves and people laughing at them.I would’nt worry too much about those people-they’ll eventaully learn a their lesson the hard way.

    Posted by virtualpetz  on  06/23  at  11:24 AM
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