New Costume!

Yay.  I’m like 99% done with a new costume.  I’m not going to say what it is yet until I surprise you all with pictures.  I got an injury from this one too.  I was cutting boning to put in the bodice and I cut about half an inch into my finger.  It almost needed stitches.  there was blood EVERYWHERE.  I managed to not get it on my costume though luckily and we didn’t have to get me stitches.  XD

Posted by Adella on 05/20 at 11:28 PM
  1. OMG if it’s Beatrix! * *

    Posted by noxy_schala  on  05/26  at  04:57 PM
  2. I can’t wait to see pics!^_^

    Posted by virtualpetz  on  05/27  at  11:28 AM
  3. Ouch :O I hope I never do that, I’d die xD I hate blood! Hope you’re okies ^___^

    Posted by aeris kisaragi  on  05/27  at  04:46 PM
  4. yeahh *_* wish its Beatrix too, Nozy_schala!

    Tell us! Tell us, Miss Adella *_*

    Posted by frida_chan  on  05/27  at  06:27 PM
  5. Most anticipated 1% ever?

    Posted by oaosav  on  05/27  at  06:47 PM
  6. OMG!!! I’m glad your ok, I’ve done that before doing an art project, I know what you mean, i cut a piece off my finger tip spacing out where the ruler is and the blade and where my finger is holding the ruler and zing!! I could not beleive i did it,  i look at finger and the piece for skin lying on the light table and then bam blood started to ooze out.  I just grab the piece of skin and place it back on and a ply persure,then it just fuse back together. But man!!! did it hurt after words. went to the doctor then i had to get some shot for cutting myself. I hope your finger gets well soon!! as my mom would say wish to kiss it to make it feel better. lol take care,

    Posted by philburt  on  05/31  at  12:46 AM
  7. Sorry to hear about the finger :(, but if the crotch is the 1% missing from this costume just leave it out!

    Posted by adalberto  on  06/02  at  05:00 PM
  8. A wound is nothing…
    Ultimately… the result goes be really

    Posted by Orisha  on  06/02  at  07:58 PM
  9. How’s it going beautiful?  I hope your finger is no longer bothering you.

    Posted by ff7cloud  on  06/03  at  07:27 AM
  10. Since I’ve just played “Shadow Hearts: Covenant” I’d say “Karin Koenig” would make a nice cosplay for you, Adella - although it’s probably not the costume you’re working at right now.

    Posted by sanjiyan  on  06/16  at  02:19 PM
  11. Dear Lady Adella

    Here are some New pics I uploaded on the website , many there just pics of Pepole I ran in to , and some pics of me in my touga Cosplay. I plan to do a centerfold soon, Feel free to comment^_^

    Posted by uthardar  on  06/16  at  03:02 PM
  12. I know, it’s so horrible! I’ve got a Wikipedia account now, and I’m going to delete all of that nasty stuff, if I can, or if you want me to, Adella.

    Posted by aeris kisaragi  on  06/21  at  12:15 PM
  13. Don’t worry-the great and talented ChuckECheese has already edited that entry!Now it’s actaully a sensible entry instead of being all hateful lies.

    Posted by virtualpetz  on  06/21  at  01:24 PM
  14. Oh ^__^ I’m so glad! ^^

    Posted by aeris kisaragi  on  06/21  at  01:24 PM
  15. Omigosh you guys, our efforts were thwarted. -_-; someone keeps resetting it. I guess they have no life and are trying everything to tarnish dear Adella-Sama… ;_;

    Posted by tsukihime  on  06/21  at  01:30 PM
  16. I know! I’m so annoyed, and they’ve put our comments on there for “much lulz to be had”!! Oooh >_> I’m annoyed..

    Posted by aeris kisaragi  on  06/21  at  01:31 PM
  17. We tried…

    Posted by virtualpetz  on  06/21  at  01:35 PM
  18. I know, I wish they would just leave her alone! They’re obviously jealous of her sewing and cosplay skills :p IMO, they totally need a life.

    Posted by aeris kisaragi  on  06/21  at  01:36 PM
  19. Those idiots think I’m a fanboi..*laughs*

    Posted by virtualpetz  on  06/21  at  01:38 PM
  20. I know XD; They must be pretty fanboyish/fangirlish of her too, though, if they’ve managed to post all of these malicious lies :p

    Posted by aeris kisaragi  on  06/21  at  01:39 PM
  21. wait, that doesn’t make sense.. I meant something like if they know who her “fanbase” is.. XD;;

    Posted by aeris kisaragi  on  06/21  at  01:40 PM
  22. They must be desperate to keep making themselves look foolish to everyone.

    Posted by virtualpetz  on  06/21  at  01:42 PM
  23. I know, Gods, they’re just pathetic.

    Posted by aeris kisaragi  on  06/21  at  01:43 PM
  24. I can’t help but laugh at their stupidity…not even the trolls on ever felt the need to sink as low as these people do.

    Posted by virtualpetz  on  06/21  at  01:44 PM
  25. LOL! Trolls on… lol, best quote ever… I know, they’re so…. oooh no words can describe it!

    Posted by aeris kisaragi  on  06/21  at  01:44 PM
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