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I’ve replaced my store link with a link to contact me.  Noxy_Schala and a few others posted in the KH2 Aerith thread that there is no ability to get ahold of me.  I did this for a reason.  I received unholy amounts of email back in the day, and I simply couldn’t keep up with all of it, even when I had no job.  To top things off the spammers got ahold of my email and I was getting more than 1000 spams a day.  At that point it was moot!  If you wish to contact me in the future for any reason be it booking me as a guest for a convention or interviews.. please check out my contact page and be sure to read my sorta-FAQ before sending me a mail.  Most questions about my email etiquette are already answered on that page.

Posted by Adella on 05/01 at 11:27 PM
  1. Dear Lady Adella,

    I think that It’s wonderful that you added a way to email you ono your site. But now I don’t know whether to PM you on or Just contact you on your site. I’m ok with using ether one so just tell me what you prefer.



    Posted by uthardar  on  05/02  at  12:44 PM
  2. Yeah I bet it was real complicated back then o_O. I’m scared just thinking about it…

    But thanks a lot though ^^

    Posted by noxy_schala  on  05/02  at  01:56 PM
  3. well I don’t really have alot of time to check PMs because they 9x out of 10 fall under the last bullet on my contact page explanation.

    Posted by Adella  on  05/02  at  08:26 PM
  4. Thanks for letting us know,Adella.I hope you still remember the RPG forums you’re on…Krissi,Cera,Razzy and I cannot do much until you register your characters and post.

    Posted by virtualpetz  on  05/02  at  08:34 PM
  5. Ok, I’ll just email you Then, Good luck with that job and so on! Hope you get to read My emails

    P.s. Feel free to look me up at any A-kon or feel free to comment on my cosplays at

    Posted by uthardar  on  05/02  at  08:37 PM
  6. Hi Adella and Greetings to you!  I think it’s very kind of you to let people talk to you and all but my opinion is like you said, you get so much email and so much spam in the past that it was just impossible   for you to handle.  You said that posting like this on your website is the feedback your perfer so why not keep it this way?  As long as you keep us posted (once a week or even once a month is great) I think we don’t mind.  Although I think it was a great idea for the booking for interview and conventions .

    Posted by ff7cloud  on  05/03  at  01:43 PM
  7. Or maybe instead of giving out your email with the chance of getting annoyed more, maybe you should make a postable section where we could post messages if people want to invite you to cons and stuff ^^

    Posted by noxy_schala  on  05/03  at  01:56 PM
  8. Boo Spammers, yay Addie!
    Lol, I wish I had a more insightful thing to say atm, but I’m laughing too hard at last nights South Park ... raspberry But happy to get the update Miss A and of course looking to future costumes and head upers!


    P.S. tssssst!

    Posted by elysium  on  05/04  at  12:15 PM
  9. Hey Adella.
    Sorry to hear about your spam problem.
    Unfortunately when ever there is an email address on a web site just attracts spammers like honey to bears. I think my site get as many spasm. (So if you had emailed my site and didn’t get a reply that’s the reason why.) You could use yahoo or Gmail. They both have a very good filter, and they’re free. ^_^

    Posted by duckxxx  on  05/04  at  02:50 PM
  10. This email is not my main email.  I have a special private email I use already.  This is just my public website email that I want to use for people who NEED to contact me and don’t want to do it publically to do so.  Such as convention chairs and magazine staff.

    Posted by Adella  on  05/06  at  02:54 PM
  11. And love letters!

    ... well not MINE ... j/k

    sorry Addie,
    ~E raspberry

    Posted by elysium  on  05/06  at  09:21 PM
  12. Well I think I was thinking of what a friend of mine did. He forwarded his mail to a yahoo account then set up the filter. He’d just download what was left and replied via his business account. When ever new stuff would make it’s way through the filter he’d go back to the web based email and add them to the filter.
    I know it wasn’t your private Email. But as a business person I know how bad it can get. (It’s a good thing I never had to post my business email.  ^_^)
    Love letters? I’m sure you gets a lot’s already.  ^_^

    Posted by duckxxx  on  05/07  at  12:04 AM
  13. I guess I’m guilty of that. I emailed you a year or two ago to be friends. Just because we seemed to have alot in common and you were as big an Aerith nut as I am. You ignored me and I figured you just blew me off. Not that I was offended or anything, it’s understandable in a way. I didn’t know you had so many people mailing you all the time. I’m sorry I added to your headache though.

    Posted by flowersinmidgar  on  05/08  at  10:26 PM
  14. OMG it was Adella’s birthday 2 days ago and I forgot T T


    Posted by noxy_schala  on  05/12  at  02:18 AM
  15. You’re one year older, one year wiser.
    Rock and roll star, Queen, Czar and a Kaiser.
    A room fulla’ friends, a mouth fulla’ cake,
    All the presents are for you and feels pretty great.
    You’re the girl of the hour, the V.I.P.
    You get the first slice, of the P.I.E.
    But first blow out the candles
    and make a wish,
    put a smile on,
    cause it’s your birthday, bitch!

    Posted by flowersinmidgar  on  05/12  at  02:54 AM
  16. O_O
    I missed your B-day?
    Well happy belated birthday.

    Posted by duckxxx  on  05/12  at  02:58 AM
  17. Crud-I forgot,too!Happy belated birthday,Adella!

    Posted by virtualpetz  on  05/12  at  09:45 AM
  18. But your birthday is not in October?
    Correct me if I’m wrong…

    Posted by Orisha  on  05/12  at  11:30 PM
  19. Yup, none of you have missed Adella’s birthday, you’ve just mis-read her birthdate (Americans and Europeans write it differently, for American it’s written month-day, Europe it’s day-month). Orisha’s right, Adella’s b-day isn’t ‘till October.
    So hey, that means you’ve still all got about five months to buy a birthday present :p

    Posted by bokuho  on  05/14  at  12:24 AM
  20. Wow xD I’m so lost I swore that last year when she wrote about those shirts that she got from her friend it was in May @ @ oh well xD;

    Posted by noxy_schala  on  05/14  at  05:27 AM
  21. Erm…okay yeah I was lost xD her birthday is in Oct lawl omg forgive me xD

    Posted by noxy_schala  on  05/14  at  05:32 AM
  22. OK.
    October. Well seeing that I never asked for her address, the only way I can get her a gift is if I bump into her at a con. Coincidently NDK is around her B-day. (The one of two con’s I’m doing this year.) If she happens to be there I’ll go el cheapo and give her some store credit.

    Posted by duckxxx  on  05/14  at  08:23 AM
  23. I read your contact page ^_^ I know how you feel… well, I don’t xD But I understand that many people must email you a lot X_X

    Posted by aeris kisaragi  on  05/17  at  10:02 AM
  24. Dear Lady Adella

    WOW, It looks like you have your hands full. I hope you have as much fun at ANIMe Expo as I did at A-kon.



    Posted by uthardar  on  07/02  at  04:44 PM
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