New Belle Costume!~~Saboten-Con Guest Invite


imageI’ve been invited as a guest at Saboten-Con in Phoenix Arizona!  I’m really excited because Phoenix (and Mesa XD) is one of my favorite cities.  Arizona cons are some of the best, and the cosplayers from there are sooo nice!  I hope to see a big turn out of cosplay at Saboten-Con.. so please spread the word around.  Also, I’m curious what kinds of things people would like me to talk about at my panel?  I’m not sure if they want me to have one or two panels, so I’m factoring on one and filling it up with stuff to talk about.  If you have any suggestions please let me know!

Yay.  So remember that bad little digital camera picture I posted a while back of my new Belle costume?  I finally got to take pictures of it! It was sooo hot but it was really fun! ^_^

Here’s a teaser until I get the full gallery up! I want so much more than they’ve got plaaaaanned!!!! etc etc XD!

Posted by Adella on 04/14 at 01:44 PM
  1. Looks good, as always. The Tomcat approves (purrs)...

    Posted by thetomcat  on  04/14  at  03:21 PM
  2. >:3
    I will hopefully see you there!
    I will be able to say I know someone who is famous. ^^

    Posted by Korey  on  04/14  at  06:42 PM
  3. Wow your good! I think anything looks good on you. wink

    Posted by hwan long  on  04/14  at  09:50 PM
  4. Pretty costume and congratulation.
    You resemble this character well.

    Posted by Christophe Ji-Dun Baraffe  on  04/15  at  05:22 AM
  5. Is it just me or are you wearing brown contacts??

    Posted by ladysephiroth  on  04/18  at  01:22 AM
  6. Oh yeah! The contacts! So few cosplayer pay attention to such detail ^_^

    The background looks gorgeous and the blue of dress is dead accurate. Can’t wait for the full gallery!

    Posted by crimson_cobwebs  on  04/18  at  05:39 AM
  7. lol yeah I’m wearing brown contacts ^_^

    Posted by Adella  on  04/18  at  04:04 PM
  8. amazing as always.^.^

    Posted by Elysewa  on  04/20  at  01:29 PM
  9. As beautiful as all your costumes.
    In french we said ” tu as l’oeil” to say that you see every details and reproduce them to make your costume in every details.

    Well done!

    Posted by Lady Shiva  on  05/07  at  10:00 AM
  10. I know that I am excited to see you there. I am actually working the event on Saturday and Sunday.

    So what will you be dressed as? You have so many choices to pick from. :D

    Posted by wushu  on  05/12  at  11:51 PM
  11. You’re a big fan of Phoenix?  O.o!  It’s so hot here in the summer.  D:

    Also - It’s really creepy that Saboten-con is at the Crowne Plaza.  I remember staying at that place when I moved out to Arizona and thinking “This would be a great place for a con.”

    Posted by KremlinDusk  on  05/22  at  09:47 PM
  12. I was born and raised in Az. :D

    its hot true, but most people stay indoors, if they can.

    there are so many places that would be awesome for cons. the crowne is one of them, but that is uber creepy though.

    Posted by wushu  on  05/23  at  12:23 AM
  13. It’s even creepier because I live like… literally right down the street from that place.  The college I graduated from isn’t far either (which is why I stayed there when I moved out here).

    Mn - I love it out here (except the summers).  Arizona has been uber good to me smile

    Posted by KremlinDusk  on  05/23  at  12:52 AM
  14. Its a great place to be isn’t it?

    Posted by wushu  on  05/23  at  12:59 AM
  15. Just a comment for adella, since it does relate to this posting. You should join the sabotencon forum. then you can rant and rave about the con like the rest of us.

    Posted by wushu  on  05/26  at  09:10 PM
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