MySpace Photo Thieves

So it’s been brought to my attention numerous times in the last two years that people steal my photos on my space to do strange things with them. They RP with them, RP as me sometimes, masquerade as me, or just post them up for whatever reason.

This is really becoming annoying, and it seems as though I can’t report them and have them removed as quick as they crop up.

I have reported to MySpace every fake account pretending to be me, and left it at that, but after the first five or so (and I did not go back to see if they were taken down) it has gotten to the point of stupid.

I ask that everyone who watches me or who reads this message, please report these following MySpaces if you are a member:

These people do not have permission to steal Kyle’s photography of me, and they don’t have my permission to RP as me or pretend to be me or whatever.  I don’t find this flattering, I find it annoying.  While I don’t pretend that I can stop identity theft or art theft, I can certainly report it to the best of my ability, when it is brought to my attention.

Also, if you see other cosplayers being impersonated, please report that as well. Some cosplayers don’t mind, or may even be flattered, but I am not one of them.

My official myspace is here: . So if you see someone that is using my photos, please report it and notify me.

Posted by Adella on 07/20 at 02:40 AM
  1. I messaged kingdom_hearts_keyblade and she took down the images. She said she found them on ########### while looking for images to use for her Aerith myspace RP.

    Posted by Serephita  on  07/21  at  06:25 PM
  2. I sent out a complaint to the modmins, they emailed me back saying that you’ll have to send out a “salute”- pretty much a pic of you in your Aeris costume, holding up a handwritten sign that says “” and your FriendID so that they can shut down the accounts.

    Posted by shibaayame  on  07/23  at  10:57 AM
  3. Hey Adella! I’m so sorry about the picture thieves situation. I don’t get on Myspace often, but I will definitely report these people for you. :D I think the “salute” thing would be a bother to do… to put on the costume, do the hair just for that. I wish you get these people to stop without having to go through all that effort. (I know I hate having to do my hair/makeup if I have nowhere to go that day!)

    Also, this is random, but I’m a fellow San Antonio native as well! I went to Health Careers High School, which was this uber-nerdy school kinda by Clark. :] I’m at UTSA now!  SA girl power!

    Posted by soubrette  on  07/25  at  03:51 AM
  4. I will keep my eyes open for you, so annoying when people steal others work like this….

    Posted by thetomcat  on  07/28  at  01:33 PM
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