Merry Christmas

And all the other cultural and religious affiliations we have with this season/day/etc.  LAX tried to kill me.  But my valiant champion (AKA the United pilot) saved me from doom!  HA!  Now you all are still STUCK with me!

Posted by Adella on 12/25 at 06:57 AM
  1. Merry Christmas Adella:)

    Posted by siegfried vii  on  12/28  at  07:27 AM
  2. Hi! First of all I would like to say It’s good to be back in the Adella blogs. I also like to say to Adella that I’m no longer the crazy fanboy , I have matured over the years and Have go into and out off relationships .(to Adella from Andrew aka Uthardar) I’m glad you had a nice chirsmass vacation, I enjoyed mine as well. I have enjoyed your cosplays over the years, Still do. I wish you a happy 2009, I hope Obama cleans up all of Gorge Bush’s Mess.  I hope for nothing but your friendship in the future. I’m sorry for actting crazy on the blogs. I hope to meet you at a convention and that way we can get to know each other(not in any romantic way)
    Andrew Ellsworth Willson

    Posted by uthardar  on  01/30  at  06:59 PM
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