Kittens Needing Homes!

Saving Grace LA is an animal rescue group who I have been working with, is in need of donations for their volunteer group.  go HERE: to learn how you can donate to help them pay for homeless animals food, medical, and other expenses!

My co-workers and I have been in the process of capturing the feral/stray cats around our factory, spaying/neutering them, and turning them over to a volunteer home that cares for feral cats and lets them live out their life in comfort and happiness.  Last night (Sunday August 8th) My co-worker discovered that one of the cats we had recently spayed had left behind a litter of kittens near the factory.  He took them home, and luckily they are about 3 weeks old so they can survive without their mother, but they need homes.

If you or someone you know in the SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA area (or are nearby and willing to drive) is interested in adopting one of these kittens, please email me at adella @  I want to find a home for these babies with a good hearted person!

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Posted by Adella on 08/10 at 09:23 PM

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