Kamelot Concert(s)!!!

God I love this band.  I really really do.  I worship Crystal for sending me A Sailorman’s Hymn years ago.  It was what prompted me to crazily binge on amazon and buy every single Album they had released to date (up till Epica at the time).  When The Black Halo came out… and later Ghost Opera, I swear I was in heaven.  Last year, when they came to LA, it was my sisters 21st birthday and I had already agreed to take her to Vegas.  I was really sour on missing the show, but this year I was NOT going to miss it!  My roommate surprised me with tickets to the hollywood show, and we went to see them in Hollywood.  I must say that Edguy really impressed me, and the acoustics inside of KeyClub were really awesome!  I was in the back though, so my experience wasn’t quite what it was in San Antonio.  Here’s why:

On Sunday night, I decided I was going to do something completely nuts and chase them to texas.  I didn’t want to follow them to Mexicali on Monday since that was the day before school, so I opted for San Antonio, TX.  Funny enough, the club that they were playing at “Scout Club” is literally located at the mouth of my dad’s neighborhood.  I could have walked back to my dad’s house from the venue!  But thats not the awesomest part.  I scheduled my flight out of CA on friday at 6 AM, meaning I had to be at Ontario Airport (the cheapest airport to fly out of) by 5, so I was up at 3:45AM.  Flew to texas with a layover in colorado… and 5.5 hours later, my sister was picking me up in San Antonio.  We went to the club that night, and she went along with me to humor me and laugh at me while I jumped around like a land-bound fish in excitement. 

The pinnacle of the evening was catching the attention of Thomas Youngblood up on stage.  He tossed his waterbottle at someone in the crowd, and I jumped up and threw my arms out at him with the pouty face that won me a knight at Medieval Times.  This pouty face really works! He managed to see me and nod his head, then went and got his other waterbottle, pointed at me, and threw it to me.  I jumped up, caught it, screamed.. and fell over.  I’m quite the intense fangirl!  Khan outdid himself, and so did the rest of them.  I must say the acoustics in LA were better than in San Antonio, but Scout Club is brand new, and likely still working that stuff out.


This is my beloved waterbottle! Cell phone picture courtesy of my sister Dana.  I’m still in Texas till tomorrow morning ^_^

I’m TOTALLY checking my carryon on the flight home because they are NOT going to take my Thomas waterbottle away from me >:[  I’ll finish the water off and then maybe like… put some beads or something inside of it iono… I’m so happy though! After the stress of the past couple weeks this really rocked!

Also… My sister ALMOST caught Casey’s drumstick but she was too short.  :(  she jumped up to catch it for me and some big dude behind her knocked her over and grabbed it.  She later informed me that she almost grabbed it away from him.  ROFL.



Posted by Adella on 11/01 at 01:03 PM
  1. oh LOL that is an awesome experience, I’m glad your sister got to share it with you! We should so chase them to England in March! XD Then you can further educate me in Kamelot music

    Posted by alaria  on  11/02  at  12:23 AM
  2. Kamelot are a great band indeed. Their best album in my opinion is “Epica”. Also “Karma” and “Black Halo” are great too. I still haven’t seen them live but plan to do so in the future…

    p.s. This “bottle” thing is a bit creepy smile...

    Posted by siegfried vii  on  11/06  at  02:31 PM
  3. I am a creepy stalker :D

    Posted by Adella  on  11/06  at  03:40 PM
  4. No worries:)... I’m a fanboy too. When it comes about my favourite band “Rhapsody” I kind of loose my objectivity. Well I didn’t go as far as catching a bottle :D… BUT, I managed to get an autograph from the band’s singer Fabio Lione.

    Posted by siegfried vii  on  11/08  at  10:33 AM
  5. They are indeed an awesome band. they have some great music videos too.

    so, as a gift I offer this, their official youtube page. Enjoy, :D.


    I’ll also give you this, you might like them I love Nightwish.


    And this is their record label’s [US label I should mention] youtube.


    hope you like these.

    Posted by wushu  on  11/19  at  08:12 PM
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