Japan Again

Annnd on Wednesday I will be heading to Japan again for Comiket and generally just to hang out with people.  Going to do a really cute photo shoot out there of a new costume that I’m sure everyone will really dig.  I’m very excited to wear it since the character is so cool and the outfit is really REALLY cute!

Update on Kiki.. We haven’t tested for tumors yet… I don’t know why, but the vet said they wanted to wait for 2 weeks. So I suppose I’ll have to wait till I come back from Japan to test her. I have my friend Ben coming to stay at the house with her while I’m gone so that she she has someone she knows with her and doesn’t get depressed that no one is there. She came back positive with a thyroid disease, so they gave me medicine that would help regulate her thyroid levels. The thyroid explained the gross weight loss, so now I’m feeding her 3 cans of cat food a day to pack it back on her, and giving her her medicine. ^^; Hopefully everything will be okay.

Posted by Adella on 08/09 at 04:56 PM
  1. Aw! can’t wait to see your new costume smile And I’m so glad things are looking good for Kiki, your a great mommy to her and I bet she’ll miss you while your gone! ^_^ Have a super cute happy awsome time in Japan Adella-san! *huggle!*

    Posted by Sorceress Sheyshen  on  08/09  at  05:14 PM
  2. I’m glad to hear that Kiki is being taken care of. smile I hope that she shows some improvement. Make sure to keep us updated!

    Though does the thyroid condition explain the blood you found…?

    Have fun in Japan. Can’t wait to see the new costume.

    Posted by hybridmoon  on  08/09  at  11:43 PM
  3. Giving her medicine? thats so cute and sweet of you :3. I hope everything will be ok too.

    Posted by halo sorceress  on  08/10  at  02:19 AM
  4. New costume? I can’t wait to see it ^__^. You are so affortunated, you visit Japan, YAY *^__^*. I wish I could someday. C’ya!
    PS: kisses to Kiki!

    Posted by shirak  on  08/10  at  07:55 AM
  5. Wow, another trip to japan. sounds like a lot of fun. you’re lucky. Can’t wait to see the photos.

    As for kiki, i’m glad you have some information about her. I’m sure you’ll be able to get her feeling better in next to no time.

    Have fun on the trip and give kiki a kiss for all of us.

    Posted by wushu  on  08/10  at  05:39 PM
  6. Have a good time in Japan and sorry about your cat. I’m sure it’ll be fine. It usually ends up that way.

    Posted by clogeta  on  08/11  at  05:39 AM
  7. can’t wait for your pictures! i’m really excited on this costume of yours. ^___^

    i hope kiki won’t be sad not having you around with her.. at least she has someone she knew with her.. mr. ben, i salute you for taking care of a friend’s beloved. thanks!

    praying still for kiki’s good health, and yours too.

    stay happy. ^_^

    Posted by aya  on  08/11  at  12:41 PM
  8. :3 Oh, it’s great news to know Kiki is still with us! It’s a big relief. Let’s hope she gets a clean test result!

    Also looking forward to the new costume! Have a wonderful time in Japan :] Meet lots of new friends!

    Posted by soubrette  on  08/13  at  02:38 AM
  9. Japan again Adella, Where on earth do you keep getting the money for these trips ;P

    Just got back from Toronto last week, Had a lovely time.

    Hope it isn’t too hot and Humid in Tokyo.

    Have Fun.

    Posted by nuriko  on  08/15  at  08:53 PM
  10. Have fun, and all the best to Kiki!  Miss you!

    Posted by cormacf  on  08/20  at  01:41 PM
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