Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had a great New Years Eve and New Years day.  My friends and I went to Disneyland for New Years and it was really fun.  Yes those are Mickey Mouse ears with 2008 on my head.  ^_^!  My New Years resolution is to improve my artwork and try to work better with light and FORCE myself to do backgrounds!  I must learn to color! Curious what other’s resolutions are.


Posted by Adella on 01/01 at 11:44 PM
  1. And a Happy New Year and Kung Hei Fat Choi to you too!

    Posted by hwan long  on  01/04  at  06:58 AM
  2. mmm what are you drinking it looks yummy! Blue Lagoon cocktail?

    I don’t have ‘resolutions’ exactly. Just things I would like to do, like go to spain in the easter, learn abit more japanese etc. etc. Good luck with yours, Adella!

    Posted by crimsoncobwebs  on  01/04  at  11:34 AM
  3. Not to shatter the mood, but have you been following the results of the caucuses and primaries?

    Posted by visage  on  01/21  at  10:04 AM
  4. =D New Years in Disneyland sounds so awesome. XD I don’t have much for resolutions besides keep trying to get straight A’s (I’ve never wanted it until now. I’m trying real hard to LEARN, which is saying something for some days with me XD).

    Posted by arab57g  on  02/11  at  06:57 PM
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