Happy Holidays

imageimageI hope everyone is having a good Holiday.  I had a blast in Arizona with my friends Mark and Ryan.  ^_^!! HUZZAH FOR GETTING KICKED OUT OF RED ROBIN!! (I mean seriously who gets kicked out of Red Robin…??).  I hope everyone is having a good break from school, or work, or whatever else you all are doing. 

I figure my last post was a little cryptic so I should tell my epic tale of how LAX tried to kill me on my flight back from Phoenix.  ATC basically tried to land my plane on top of another plane that was taxiing on the runway.  Our pilot saw it and just as we were about to touch down and would have ultimately crashed into the other plane, he punched the engines and we jumped back up into the air and literally HURDLED the other plane.  It was terrifying because all of the power died in the cabin.  The heating went off and so did the lights and everyone screamed when we saw the plane briefly beneath us (the one we were jumping over)... by only about 10-20 feet.  Needless to say.. it was a close call.  The pilot came on the intercom a few minutes later and goes “Sorry about that folks.  ATC tried to land us in the path of another plane and I had to hop over him.  We’ll be going around and trying this again a second time!”.  I swear… I’ve had some terrifying plane experiences but this was the worst.  Thank god for the United pilot’s quick thinking! I usually cry or get scared and stuff but this time all I could do was shake and try to control my breathing so that I didn’t faint.  When we were disembarking I smirked at the captain since I had calmed down by then, and noticed he was sweating bullets.  “Thanks for that one! I love being alive!” and he’s like “HAHA ME TOO!” <3 Gotta love it.

Enjoy the awesome post-Guinness Sky Harbor terminal 2 pictures!

Posted by Adella on 12/27 at 01:20 AM
  1. Well, first let me say I’m glad you are ok. Perhaps it was a sign that you should stay here in Az? Hmmm, you never do know do you.

    And second, exactly how DO you get kicked out of a Red Robin? Which Red Robin? I only know of one in Phoenix [well, scottsdale to be accurate]. I know there are some in Tucson.

    Anyway, once again, glad you’re okay and have a happy new year. That goes for everyone here.

    Posted by wushu  on  01/01  at  03:44 AM
  2. I would’ve peed myself. Holy cow. I’m glad you’re okay. XD

    Posted by arab57g  on  01/26  at  11:01 PM
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