Gundam Seed Cosplay! Fllay Allster!

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This is a super rare cosplay because the character is so despised.  However, she is probably my favorite female character in anime at this time.  Fllay is an incredibly unique character and the thought put behind her scheming is rather phenomenal.  I enjoyed Gundam Seed mainly because of this character and her relationship with Kira.  The overall beginning-to-end character development of Fllay Allster is my favorite aspect, because of all things I like in an anime… it is character development!!  Love is the key here, and with her strong love for Kira in the end… she is truly beautiful inside and out.

I do apologize to everyone for the slowness in updating.  Almost half a year heh… I know.  I’ve been really busy and I recently started school and I’m determined to do very well.  The photos from Anime Expo didn’t realy turn out well for most costumes so it’s taken until now for me to really get a “Gallery” together of all of them.  Watch this week while I update!

Posted by Adella on 11/13 at 12:30 AM
  1. I said it to you in deviantart, and I’ll say it again, your as passionate, and emotional about Gundam as I am. Your also on of the frist Gundam fans who accutally likes Flay Aster. Your her number 1 fan, for now. Your also her living incarnation.

    Posted by photomaker07  on  09/26  at  10:44 PM
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