Gen Con Report, and Weekend Review!

(my god I can’t stop HICCUPING!! I’ve been hiccuping for no reason since 4:45!) Well my weekend was very fun!  My boyfriend lives in Arizona and attends Arizona State University so it’s only every few weeks that we get to see each other.  He’s huge into D&D, Magic the Gathering, Anime, and all that sort of thing, so we thought that Gen Con So Cal would be a fun thing to attend.  I of course went for the dealers room to see what kind of neato things I could oogle at and be too poor to afford.  When we got there it was remarkably the same as last year.  There were no costumers hardly at all, and it was 90% CCGs and 10% other stuff.  Alot of events did not even occur; events such as the Counter Strike tournament were cancelled.  That was disappointing.  World of Warcraft was, of course, the huge thing this year, seeing as Blizzard came out with a new CCG!  It cracks me up because it reminds me of the penny arcade comic where Blizzard comes up with a CCG and hails to satan.  ALL HAIL SATAN!  So funny.  Anyway Andy originally wanted to participate in the Magic the Gathering tournament but we decided we didn’t want to attend the convention on saturday or sunday because we wanted to do other things.  So I only went for Thursday briefly and Friday.  I had fun and it was pretty funny having Andy run into all kinds of people that he knows from Magic tournaments, including his friend who was a judge.

Gen Con aside!  I managed to finish alot of my homework that was dogging me, only to have more of it piled on.  *cry* looks like I’m going to be glued to a lap top while I’m in Houston.  I’m spending Thanksgiving with my family in Houston and probably writing a report, 2 essays, and finishing my fashion sketches.  BLAH!  Whatever though!  It was worth it to have fun this weekend…!  We took some pretty hilarious pictures as well in a boba shop.  One of them there is this club/bat-like shadow hovering over Andy’s head and he entitled the picture “Gonna get sapped” because it looks like someone is about to sap him. ;X!  as for the others, my personal favorite is the one of Leah captured wearing the Jamba Juice banana costume.  We showed up at Jamba Juice to mooch free drinks off her and she ran into the back and put on this ridiculous banana outfit.  SO FUNNY!!

Now I run off to pack for Houston! We fly out tomorrow! EEEK!

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Posted by Adella on 11/20 at 10:12 PM
  1. Wow I think I’ve been missing or misreading something o_O I thought you were married or engaged to Kyle or something?

    Posted by noxy_schala  on  11/21  at  12:33 AM
  2. Oh and the only card game I ever played was Pokemon TCG and Emmerlaus xD;. All them guys will be jealous of the pics when they see them ^^

    Posted by noxy_schala  on  11/21  at  12:35 AM
  3. uh no Kyle and I broke up like over a year ago.  Sorry if I didn’t make a big announcement?

    Posted by Adella  on  11/21  at  01:33 AM
  4. Bah it’s okay, I just didn’t know…

    What part of the states do you like the most so far?

    Posted by noxy_schala  on  11/21  at  01:35 AM
  5. the states?????

    Posted by Adella  on  11/21  at  01:49 AM
  6. That banana is bad ass, keep laughing at her expression on the 3rd picture, great stuff. Noxy was just asking where is your favorite place you’ve visited in the US.

    Posted by oaosav  on  11/21  at  03:18 AM
  7. Yeah, that’s what I meant lol sorry.

    Posted by noxy_schala  on  11/21  at  04:41 AM
  8. Your going to Houston? Coolness, I live in Texas, in a mini city called Magnolia. We used to not be on the map, but it seems we’re getting bigger, which makes me sad. ;_;

    Posted by geninlizzy  on  11/21  at  09:10 AM
  9. Oh I dunno… probably California is the nicest place i’ve ever been.  I wasn’t really fond of any other places in the US.

    Posted by Adella  on  11/21  at  02:45 PM
  10. I just adores the places around USA etc. There is cosplay, Otakons, Roleplaying etc. Since I live in Sweden those things are very rare exept Role playing I think. I have never been outside Sweden in my life. By the way what is Otakon? I have heard of it but I have never understanded what it is.

    Posted by minerva  on  11/21  at  05:18 PM
  11. Awww! ^^ You and Andy look cute together! lol Anyways, I’m glad that you had fun at Gen Con! ^^ I would’ve gone too but then I was at Japan Expo.

    lol Omg! The Jamba Juice banana outfit! I remember how this guy from Jamba Juice would dress up in that thing and come sell Jamba Juice at my highschool. XD lol

    Posted by celestialaurora  on  11/21  at  08:50 PM
  12. Adella’s holding her first finger up-it’s not her middle finger.

    I play card games too-Pokemon and the Neopets card game(I’m a big fan of the virtual pets sites). I’ve even got a petpet named after Adella! *G*

    Posted by virtualpetz  on  11/22  at  01:30 PM
  13. Sounds like school is going positive for you, that is excellent to hear. Can’t wait until your further updates, costume-related or not.

    Posted by candyfloss  on  11/24  at  02:20 AM
  14. Dear Lad Aedlla,

    just Wanted say His new boyfirend Andy seems Ok in my book, D&D Book that is ^_^

    If He needs a Mighty pladin in his party You know were to find one! offcouse that would depend on if were at a con or we in the same area:/
    anyway , I’m just working my way in college as well, I’m tranfing to The College of Santa Fe, They awesome Film school. I wish you Happyness and Everlasting Love


    Posted by uthardar  on  11/25  at  04:29 AM
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