Farewell Precious One

Mid day, April 8th 1990, I stood outside of my farm house in Texas and watched with wide eyes as my cat Kiki was born. She was the first kitten born, and I was amazed. I was 9 years old. Today, December 6, 2010, She passed away in my arms. I was there when she took her first breath and squealed with life, and I was there when her last breath left her. 20 years of my life I have loved this cat, and she has been my best friend. I was so young when she was born, that it has seemed like she has always been around. I cannot describe the dread that I felt sitting in that vet office with my old sick cat, who couldn’t hardly walk, talk, or eat anymore. I cannot describe the absolute horror and anguish I felt as I supported her little chin, and her body slackened. When the doctor moved her to the little silver exam table, and she was limp, I could only stroke her and sob and tell her how much I had loved her and thank her so earnestly for all the love she had given me. 20 years of love is a lot for a cat. Dearly departed one, I will miss you.


Posted by Adella on 12/07 at 02:30 AM

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