Dead Cars and The Gym

I made a pact with myself that the moment I finished school at FIDM I would go back to the gym.  The work that they gave us was so intense that I wasn’t able to break away for a few minutes, much less a few hours a day to go to the gym.  Breaks between quarters were only 2 weeks, and I didn’t want to go to the gym for only 2 weeks and then go back to not at all.

Last week, Wednesday, I finally finished! Perfect 4.0!

So on thursday morning I hit up the gym.  Oh god I thought I was going to die.  I’m so out of shape it’s not even funny!  The first day back Andy had to practically carry me out of there lol.  I skipped out on saturday and sunday, and then immediately went back again on monday.  Today I felt like I was finally making some headway.  I’m not nearly where I was two years ago, but I also don’t think it’ll take me that long to get back to that point.  Having Andy around is fun though because we push each other.  Though sometimes it’s intimidating because he lifts way more than me… today he got on the calf machine and was annoyed because the weight stack only went to 500 and he couldn’t pack any more weight onto it.  WTF?  I was like *daintily sets the weight at 65!* ahem!  SOMEDAY!!!!~~~

j/k XD

And news of my car.  My poor poor hard working car.  It blew both head gaskets the last week of finals.  *sigh* I asked Pontiac specifically to check the head gaskets and see if they were fine 5 months ago, and they said that there was nothing wrong!  So I don’t know what happened, and can’t pretend to know because well… I’m just a girl!  I can fix a sewing machine pretty darn well, but I sure as heck can’t fix a head gasket.  My car knowledge goes as far as changing engine fluids like oil, coolant, and wiper fluid.  that’s about it! All necessities when you’ve got a vehicle that you get into and don’t know if it’ll start or even if it’ll make it to your destination!

Anyway, R.I.P. my good car.  You got me through school.

I’m thinking of a Scion XD. Thoughts?  It has great gas mileage, great storage for camping equipment and luggage for going to cons, and it’s not super expensive.  yay? nay?  I’m probably getting a Toyota also because my mother’s friend owns a Toyota dealership and is a really nice guy.  I’m hoping my car payments won’t br too terrifying :O!  But funny enough they’ll probably be much cheaper than what I was paying in repairs to keep my Pontiac going.

Goodbye Car!

Driving off into the sunset by *Vynnx on deviantART

Posted by Adella on 03/27 at 05:39 PM
  1. Hey… Anything with great gas milage is great in this day and age. XD

    Posted by HylianBlood  on  03/28  at  01:12 AM
  2. toyota cars are the best. good choice. ^_^ we’re kinda good with them since we fix a lot of them. I recommend the Corolla. Good mileage and durabilty.
    Scion is also Toyota since it’s one of their divisions. If you want storage space you could go for the FJ Cruiser since it has 4wd or the Highlander Hybrid, though I think it’s a bit more expensive there. So is the Land Cruiser.

    Posted by hwan long  on  03/28  at  10:02 AM
  3. “ he got on the calf machine and was annoyed because the weight stack only went to 500 and he couldn’t pack any more weight onto it.  WTF?”

    I got a good laugh out of that. :D

    And unfortunately I know nothing about cars, so I’m just as clueless, but the two you just posted look really nice, wish I could say more than that.

    Posted by Wallin  on  03/30  at  03:00 PM
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