Coolest Vids Ever! Masa D. Luffy—Dancing!

So I’ve made a new friend on AIM recently who’s really cool, and we got to chatting about dancing.  I’m a lover of all forms of dance, so when he sent me this video sort of jokingly I was BLOWN away! It’s SO cool! Not only does it have dance in it.. but it has COSPLAY! That is just so awesome to me!!!  There’s two versions of this video… an older version and a newer version.  Check them out! I just had to share this with everybody because it’s so cool!


Posted by Adella on 02/16 at 04:15 PM
  1. Lol this is well crazy! The second one is especially wicked, I thought it had been speeded up but he’s actually doing that! So funny, and talented!

    Posted by crimsoncobwebs  on  02/17  at  01:35 PM
  2. Funny!!!
    Well… Also I have found this link of newly Star Ocean: Second Evolution for PSP…

    Back to the memories… ^.^
    See ya!!!

    Posted by Orisha  on  02/18  at  02:35 AM

    So awesome…
    -favorites both & 5 stars-

    Posted by arab57g  on  02/18  at  08:04 PM
  4. I didn’t think you’d upload this. o_o; I’m shocked.

    Posted by Masa D. Luffy  on  04/01  at  10:23 PM
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