Con Comics Guadalajara and The Zelda Project

imageI’m here in Mexico! For those of you who follow my Twitter feed and my Facebook Fanpage, I was invited along with Lillyxandra as a special cosplay guest at Con Comics Convention in Guadalajara!  If you’re attending this convention I look forward to speaking with you at our panel.  I am not sure what time it is today… I’m actually kind of confused as to what our schedule is still lol.  But I think that our panel is at some point around 3. 

Also, Lillyxandra and I have been working very steadily on the website for our Ocarina of Time based cosplay group.  We will be talking about that during our panel, quite a bit, as well as any other questions that the audience might have.  We’ve made a fan page on facebook for the group, which we are calling “The Zelda Project” as well as a Twitter, so that everyone can follow us when we make updates to the website and when we post new content!

The Zelda Project on Facebook

Follow TheZeldaProject on Twitter Twitter for The Zelda Project

Website is coming soon!









Posted by Adella on 12/12 at 03:44 PM

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