So it turns out that I guess Miley cyrus shares the same birthday as me.  We went to Disneyland today, my sister, Ben, and me… and it was so crowded for “miley’s” sweet 16.  lol wow… and they closed it at 5.  So instead we just went home (since we’re premium passholders) and watched movies and ordered pizza, and I instructed Mira in how to construct a bliaut according to the patterns I’d drafted.  XD~~  woo 10 yards of continuous dress!

Also, I got a new bike!  Woo! My mom bought me a bike for my birthday because I have to have some mode of transportation to get to the metrolink.  My new apartment in South Pasadena is about a mile away from the train station so yay :D!!! Although it’ll be a little more expensive since I have to jump onto the subway once I get to Union Station.  So I suppose a day pass is the best way to go about doing it.

Posted by Adella on 10/06 at 01:49 AM
  1. Happy birthday girl!!!! ^^* and yeey for new bike! I’ve never been to disney land o.O some silly part of me makes me want to say you should go in your Belle dress! haha.. sorry I’m just kidding glad you had a good day! Some times you just can’t beat pizza and movies with buddies!

    oh! and is miss Kiki ok by the way? ^^

    Posted by Sorceress Sheyshen  on  10/06  at  01:46 PM
  2. hey Happy B-DAY!!!! Congrats on the bike, mine got stolen recently -_-, my birthday is on oct 10
    Aand in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.

    Posted by tury61  on  10/08  at  03:26 AM
  3. Happy Birthday!

    And South Pas is darn close to Silver Lake, so double woot!

    Posted by cormacf  on  10/09  at  02:50 AM
  4. Happy belated birthday, and as for Miley’s birthday, I think she had it a few weeks earlier than what it really is or so I read somewhere.  But atleast you had fun that’s the important part.

    Posted by Intention  on  10/09  at  08:47 AM
  5. I’m glad you had a happy birthday.

    so jealous, only been to disneyland once and that was almost 12 years ago, before the indiana jones ride went in.

    anyway, happy birthday, late or not.

    Posted by wushu  on  10/09  at  08:17 PM
  6. Hello Adella! It’s Diana (Angelicheart)! I’m so glad to know that you’re okey! You seemed a little down when i spoke to you on msn. And i logged in on msn in the day of your birthday, but you weren’t there. I wanted to give you the birthday wishes. Bike!! That’s so awesome! Now you don’t have to walk that much! :D
    Your mommy was a sweetie and i hope that you had lots od fun at Disneyland! That place is truly great! *nod*

    Take care! <3

    Many kissus dear! *****************

    Posted by uni89  on  10/10  at  04:07 AM
  7. Happy birthday!

    Posted by section31  on  10/13  at  05:35 PM
  8. Happy B-day! I’m new so I hope this has some meaning to you.  I hope kiki is going to be okay. I know how you feel.  Cody, my cat, is almost 14.  Kiki is 18 thats alot longer than most cats live.  I hope she gets better.  She kinda reminds me of my other cat Callie.  She’s my baby right now, she’s almost 2. smile  Poor Cody is an old man…lol… but he’s good at cuddling so I don’t think he minds. Just give Kiki alot of lovin’ attention and I hope she gets better.

    Posted by EverWatchful  on  10/23  at  10:57 PM
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