Anime Expo doom approaches…

DOOM.  Yeah that’s what Anime Expo means to most procrastinating cosplayers.  But this is the first year of AX that I haven’t procrastinated.  I started about 2 months ago working solid every single day for about 3/4 hours a day on costumes and so far I’ve been able to fully complete 4 for Anime Expo (3 for me 1 for my sister…).  Currently finishing up the 5th (for my sister).  It’s been pretty stressful but one thing I can say that I am coming out of this with… is time management.  I’ve never been so dedicated and good with my time before.  I get up at 5 AM, head over to the hospital… work for 8 hours, head to the gym for 2 hours… then go home and sew until 9 PM…shower, then sleep at 10 PM.  rinse and repeat.  I’ve forced myself onto a rigorous schedule so I’ll be glad when AX (and then Comic Con) will be over with and all I have to worry about is work and then come fall… school!!!  Finally starting… it’s taken me 4 years to figure out what it is I want to do with my life and I think I’m finally on the right path.

Posted by Adella on 06/25 at 04:14 PM
  1. Hello!

    I saw you at AX 06 as Flay from Gundam Seed (one of my favorite characters from that series) and you were awesome!  I remember you from AX last year as Aerith and that was just wonderful.  Keep up the great work!

    Posted by lazyass24seven  on  07/11  at  10:31 AM
  2. Hey, Adella - when are we going to see YOUR pics of Anime Expo 06? Call me lazy, but I’d like to see your performance on pictures collected on THIS website wink

    Posted by sanjiyan  on  07/11  at  01:51 PM
  3. Damn, that sounds like a killer schedule.  So dedicated.  I feel so inferior now lol.

    Posted by quor  on  07/14  at  02:52 AM
  4. www.###########

    Posted by wesker  on  07/21  at  09:43 AM
  5. wow, you and your sister look great as Lacus Clyne and that imposter girl whose name I forget from seed destiny. great job on the costumes. Very nice! ^_^

    Posted by hwan long  on  07/21  at  12:27 PM
  6. Hi!
    It’s the first time I add a comment here, but I’ve been lookin’ your galeries and comments for some time, now.
    Well, I hope your efforts make good costumes. ‘cause I’m dyin’ to see them.
    Just be careful not to cut yourself again raspberry

    Posted by zaknafein  on  07/28  at  11:51 AM
  7. Aww, I saw your Lacus on CosplayLab, and it’s beautiful <3!

    Posted by meer  on  08/07  at  12:58 AM
  8. Ohhh! And I just saw your sister as Meer on—what a PERFECT Meer! She’s my favorite character in Gundam Seed Destiny. AND YOUR FLLAY IS AMAZING. Fllay was my very favorite character in Gundam Seed, and the final episode made me cry like a baby. >_< I love Fllay. I really do.

    Posted by meer  on  08/07  at  01:04 AM
  9. Dear Lady Adella

    I hope everything to going Well ^_^

    I just want to tell you that I have My own myspace Website
    feel free to check it out.

    Posted by uthardar  on  08/08  at  06:45 PM
  10. You always do such great stuff, Lady Adella~ <3

    I’ve always loved your cosplays~ <3

    *cheers for Lady Adella* ^-^

    Ra ra ra~! ^-^

    Posted by maiden_of_venus  on  08/10  at  02:08 PM

    Check this out everybody!!!!

    Posted by ff7cloud  on  08/23  at  05:09 AM
  12. OMG I’m so glad you posted this it was really nice * *

    Posted by noxy_schala  on  08/23  at  05:16 AM
  13. Oh yeah, and if you guys are too impatient to wait for Adella to upload her website, she’s hanging out on DeviantArt these days and she uploaded some of her cosplay pics there ^^

    Posted by noxy_schala  on  08/23  at  05:18 AM
  14. Adella where are you???? :(:(:(:(

    Posted by reptile  on  09/18  at  05:54 PM
  15. She’s hanging out mostly on DA these days ^^ she uploaded some of her new cosplays there as well as some of her sis’s ^^

    Posted by noxy_schala  on  09/18  at  07:23 PM
  16. I can’t wait for the pictures! I hope you update soon because I keep checking back every day for them! You keep us hanging any longer and we’ll have to start stalking you! J/K (Or am I?) Hope to see some cools pics soon girl!

    <3 SD

    Posted by silentdreamer  on  09/24  at  04:48 PM
  17. For those that dun go on DA, Adella posted the following in her DA journal:

    For those of you registered on my website… I know I haven’t updated it in forever. I’m always busy and it’s SO easy to update here. I do apologize… I really do. I know I need to add stuff to it. But I’m sooooooooooo lazy it’s really hard to get myself to update. I have to do actual decent photos of all my new costumes too. While there’s no excuse for not putting Lacus and Meer up… their photoshoot wasn’t horrific… the disney princess one was pretty bad… it needs a more controlled environment. I don’t have any pics of Fllay either… I need to do a shoot of her.

    I will update soon I swear… !

    Posted by noxy_schala  on  09/25  at  01:45 AM
  18. Wow!!  You are sooo amazing!!  I wish I could sew.  The only thing I’ve ever sewn was a pillo. ^^’  But for Halloween I am going to try and sew Rinoa’s out-fit from Final Fantasy 8.  My mom is going to teach me how to sew, and help me a lot. :D

    So what have you decided that you want to do with your life?  I think you should be an artist-clothes designer.  You are so talented!!  I am having a hard time trying to decide what I want to be too.  I love drawing manga, and I also love writing music, but I can’t choose.  I love both!! ><

    Posted by merina sky  on  09/27  at  10:08 PM
  19. Wow - looks like I’m the first one to congratulate: Happy Birthday and my best of wishes for your 26th year of life. How does it feel, being a quarter of a century old? Hope you enjoy your day of honor.

    Posted by sanjiyan  on  10/05  at  03:27 AM
  20. Happy Birthday cutie =D I hope you got lots of nice presents, especially that drawing tablet you wanted ^^

    Posted by noxy_schala  on  10/05  at  03:55 AM
  21. Happy Birthday hottie!

    Posted by ff7cloud  on  10/05  at  03:14 PM
  22. Happy Birthday Adella, I hope you’re enjoying your day~! =) Eat lotsa cake, and have fun, it’s your day!

    Posted by aeris kisaragi  on  10/05  at  03:17 PM
  23. I apologize for being late to congratulate you so I do it today instead.

    Posted by minerva  on  10/08  at  03:01 PM
  24. Ahhh noooooo! A very happy, yet some what late birthday Adella i hope you had a great day ^.^

    Posted by lady_soha  on  10/08  at  06:49 PM
  25. Hello Aerith Gainsborough,

    ..Dear Beauteos death

    the jewel of the just.


    Posted by serufi  on  10/14  at  11:48 PM
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