Anime Expo doom approaches…

DOOM.  Yeah that’s what Anime Expo means to most procrastinating cosplayers.  But this is the first year of AX that I haven’t procrastinated.  I started about 2 months ago working solid every single day for about 3/4 hours a day on costumes and so far I’ve been able to fully complete 4 for Anime Expo (3 for me 1 for my sister…).  Currently finishing up the 5th (for my sister).  It’s been pretty stressful but one thing I can say that I am coming out of this with… is time management.  I’ve never been so dedicated and good with my time before.  I get up at 5 AM, head over to the hospital… work for 8 hours, head to the gym for 2 hours… then go home and sew until 9 PM…shower, then sleep at 10 PM.  rinse and repeat.  I’ve forced myself onto a rigorous schedule so I’ll be glad when AX (and then Comic Con) will be over with and all I have to worry about is work and then come fall… school!!!  Finally starting… it’s taken me 4 years to figure out what it is I want to do with my life and I think I’m finally on the right path.

Posted by Adella on 06/25 at 04:14 PM
  1. wow your working really hard i wish i had that resolve it took me six months to complete my princess garnet costume lol. i can’t wait to see your new costumes aswell as your sisters i think they are gonna be awsome, stick to it soldier!!

    Posted by lady_soha  on  06/25  at  05:38 PM
  2. You guys will look awesome and I really hope I can meet you one day.

    Posted by ff7cloud  on  06/25  at  08:45 PM
  3. It’s fun when you get to find a life rythm ^^ and wow you made so many costumes, how great! Can’t wait to see those updates we’re all waiting eagerly ^^

    Posted by noxy_schala  on  06/25  at  11:34 PM
  4. I will be anxiously searching for you and seeing your new costume at Anime expo ^^

    Posted by moogle4  on  06/26  at  01:37 AM
  5. wa! I’m impatient to see ur new costumes! You and ur sister will be great!

    Posted by shirak  on  06/26  at  05:41 AM
  6. You can’t make a living running

    Posted by wesker  on  06/26  at  02:51 PM
  7. you sure have a rough schedule. ^_^ can’t wait to see your new costumes. I wish you luck on your sewing and job, and on your studies soon. Ganbatte!

    Posted by hwan long  on  06/27  at  11:53 PM
  8. That’s dedication! you said you wanted to a dentist right? (or did I make that up in my head ><) Good luck with it anyway and I’m sure your costumes will look amazing, as per usual ^^ As long as you’re enjoying yourself, that’s all that matters ^__^

    Posted by crimson_cobwebs  on  06/28  at  08:37 AM
  9. that’s good that you’re getting everything done on time, unlike me. XP well, for me, everything was going well at first and now it’s all going downhill. =_= but i think i can probably finish for AX without doing any all nighters.

    Posted by celestialaurora  on  06/28  at  02:24 PM
  10. you can do it, Adella. I have faith in you! :D
    and what did we decide to be when we grow up now, hmm? wink

    Posted by magehound  on  06/29  at  02:54 AM
  11. How can you stand doing the same thing every day,Adella?If I did the same thing every day,it would eventaully drive me crazy!Why not do things like go to the gym a couple of days weekly,and do other things like go see movies or go to the park on other days?Try going to bed at different times every day.Watch television or go to plays or concerts.Take a break from sewing and the gym.Take it from me-if you do the same exact thing every day,pretty soon you’ll get sick and tired of it and not want to do it anymore.Forcing yourself into a rigorous schedule isn’t really healthy for your body-you do need relaxation time to give your body a break from all that rigorous activity.

    Posted by virtualpetz  on  06/29  at  09:20 AM
  12. Wow, I so admire your devotion ^.^

    Posted by aeris kisaragi  on  06/29  at  04:47 PM
  13. when do you eat? lol o_0

    Posted by lasilon  on  06/30  at  12:05 AM
  14. wow that clock is way off….it is NOT 4:05AM

    Posted by lasilon  on  06/30  at  12:20 AM
  15. yeah, time pressure is always a nerve.
    I’m glad you got to finish!.. I will be seeing at AX :D

    Posted by fira  on  06/30  at  04:40 PM
  16. I really enjoyed your Lacus Clyne costume, it was really well made and designed.  I look forward to your next creation.  Some images I took of your costume could be found here:

    Posted by moogle4  on  07/06  at  08:38 AM
  17. Dear Lady Adella

    I can tell from the pics from the website you had a blast at AX. I liked never thought you would cosplay Riku from FFXI2 and bell from Beauty and The Beast. You looked great in booth by the way. I would also like to add that during Anime Expo I was vacationing at Ireland with my family, I got to drank Pints of guinness at pubs and Kiss the Blarney stone. I wish you luck at school and other stuff:)

    Keep up the good work


    Posted by uthardar  on  07/07  at  01:57 PM
  18. Yeah I recall Adella did say she wanted to cosplay Belle from the Beauty and the Beast but Rikku from FFX-2! Wow I can’t wait to see all those pics you will put here from Kyle Adella ^^

    Posted by noxy_schala  on  07/07  at  07:30 PM
  19. Wow Adella as Belle and Riku!? i can’t wait to see those pictures! i bet Adella looks stunning as usual! ^-^ <3

    Posted by lasilon  on  07/07  at  10:11 PM
  20. hehe…ehh opps *Rikku haha there is a big difference! ^_^;;

    Posted by lasilon  on  07/07  at  10:12 PM
  21. Kinda spoils the surprise she wanted to give away but well we still can’t wait to see them pics ^^

    Posted by noxy_schala  on  07/08  at  02:41 AM
  22. Sorry BIg mistake!!! The Rikku cosplay i saw at was not Adella
    It was just some one that looked like her>_<
    “FOrgive me my Lady”
    I did find out that she was in a gundom Seed group.

    I for one have never got the chance to see all of gundom seed or gundom seed dastiny, But I will When I have the chance.

    Uthardar Over and out!

    Posted by uthardar  on  07/08  at  09:31 AM
  23. Wow nice lol ^^ yeah sometimes when people cosplay it’s hard to recognize them?

    Posted by noxy_schala  on  07/08  at  02:10 PM
  24. Saddlly I never ran into you at the AX, though I was hoping to! You got me into wanting to cosplay hehe.

    Posted by soulysephiroth  on  07/09  at  02:06 PM
  25. Aww man! You are very dedicated, and hard working! Good for you! You should be very proud of yourself! I hope that AX was a blast! My friend went, but I couldn’t make it….*sniff*

    I WILL make it to Kumoricon though. Hope you can make it to that too!

    Congrats on the NOT PROCRASTINATING smile

    I also hope you enjoy school in the fall! It is wonderful when you get that felling of, “My life is going in the right direction now!” And knowing what you want. Yay!

    Posted by tomocat  on  07/09  at  02:55 PM
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