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imageIf anyone knows me well, they know that I’m this huge AerisxZack freak, and that Advent Children showing Zack and Aeris together in the end was probably the only part in the whole movie that really GOT me.  It was what made the movie for me… because this coupling is so overshadowed and it’s probably the BEST in my opinion!  It’s so tragic yet beautiful… how he loved her and tried to get back to her, but died before he ever returned… and she never knew what happened to him; he just disappeared!  It’s so final in my eyes… I just love it!  Now this?  Noxy_Schala posted a video to this Crisis Core thing.  I had no idea this game was coming out… I’m so excited!  Add one more thing to all the games I need but don’t have the money to buy.  A Wii, Twilight Princess, and this.  XD! YES! Anything that has AerisxZack in it is MY BAG BABY! Eee she’s hugging him… I hope they kiss… I hope it has a good love story *_*!

Almost done with my final sketching assignment.  16 sketches.  no thnx.  My room is a mess of papers and my neck hurts.

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Posted by Adella on 12/01 at 09:23 PM
  1. You’ll have a while to save money for this ^^ I don’t think it will come out soon lol. But now it makes me want to buy a PSP that with Silent Hill Origins and Valkyrie Profile Lenneth T___T

    Posted by noxy_schala  on  12/02  at  12:12 AM
  2. Dear Lady Adella

    I like the Last part in Advent Children with Aeris and Zack Was My favorite as well, my heart stopped at the moment they showed Aries face. Don’t worry I’m not that big of an aeris, It was just one of those Movie moments. I guess Zack would be a better boyfriend then cloud, Because EMOs may be cute, but they Wine and Lay in bed too much. Hey! Maybe you should Make your boy friend Cosplay Zack ^_^

    Posted by uthardar  on  12/02  at  02:28 AM
  3. I just read your profile and I’m suprised to hear that you now attend FIDM.  I thought you wrote in an earlier post you wanted to be a Gum Disease Specialist?

    Well I’m applying there very soon, though in San Diego so good luck on your creative outlet.  Hopefully I won’t be TOO competitive since you’re going into Hollywood costume design and I’m going into regular fashion design.  It’s a tough wall to break.

    —Lady Sephiroth

    Posted by ladysephiroth  on  12/03  at  01:33 AM
  4. I read a short story called “A Maiden who Travels the Planet” by Benny Matsuyama, it was published in the FFVII Ultimania Omega Book, and it talked about how Aeris actually was in love with Cloud and loved him even more than Zack. Its really hard to explain but its a good story, you should really check it out Adella! Thats the link ^^^^ if it asks you about the language just cancel, it should show up in english anyway! ^-^

    Posted by lasilon  on  12/03  at  01:37 AM
  5. I always thought Aeris didn’t really love Cloud and only felt responsible towards him because of her nature/personality. Kinda like a mother/sister-child relationship. I thought she just wanted to take care of him so that he can be himself once again instead of being stuck with those Jenova cells things and lying to himself about his identity and all. After all she loved Zack so she was probably curious as to why he was like him so much and about those words she heard from the planet about Cloud. Maybe it was just attraction because he reminded her of Zack, maybe it was just feeling responsible for his condition. Who knows xP everyone’s got a different pov.

    Posted by noxy_schala  on  12/03  at  03:35 AM
  6. I agree, everyone’s got their own point of view on the subject. Although, after reading that small section (very small) in the story about her and cloud, i was like “what?” (the story is actually about her journey through the life stream after she dies) im a ZachxAerith, CloudxAerith kinda person, it doesn’t matter to me which one shes with. I do hope the game has a good love story though cuz that just makes it more fun! ^-^

    Posted by lasilon  on  12/03  at  03:51 AM
  7. I saw that that movie, it was very good. I like Aeris dress. I am planning to buy Final fantasy Advent children, it looks like a good movie.

    Posted by minerva  on  12/03  at  01:49 PM
  8. Hurray, I like Zack and Aeris too. I saw the trailer for CC, I really wish I had psp. Xp

    Posted by geninlizzy  on  12/03  at  10:14 PM
  9. *le gasp* There’s a trailer out of Crisis Core already?! I must see it! *_* I think it’s cute that they’ll show how the Zack/Aeris relationship was like. ^^ Zack/Aeris is so adorable! But, personally, I like Cloud/Aeris better. ^^

    Posted by celestialaurora  on  12/03  at  10:59 PM
  10. Adella you’re very cool and beautiful *kiss* *lol*
    I Love Aeris so much, she’s so sweet !

    Your Joey Heather Heartilly wink

    Posted by joeyheartilly  on  01/22  at  04:10 PM
  11. Wow it´s so cool ..
    Hello Adella i´m Affy the best friend from joey Heather Heartilly ^^
    We are so big fans of you…you are so cool an buietifull << oopss ^^
    We came from Germany, but we love you.
    I love you =D your great fan Affyra Victorya Tillmitt
    Aerith 4- ever

    Posted by affyra tillmitt  on  01/23  at  01:13 PM
  12. the new final fantasy vii psp game is set at the time when Aerith and Zack were a couple

    and Aerith looks really good in it too XD

    Posted by zackxaerith  on  01/30  at  04:18 PM
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