Adella and Leah Win at Golf!

Leah is on the girls varsity golf team for Huntington Beach Highschool, and today was the “Family Tournament” in which all the girls on the team invited one of their family members.  Just about all the girls showed up with a father or mother, however my mother had patients today and could not make it.  Since I was off school for today I volunteered to endure the torment.  Now, I haven’t played golf since I was 8 years old… so generally I don’t know how to play golf!  But I got out there and played with Leah, and we ended up getting 1st place!  3 under!  28 out of 31!  Go us!  I played pretty terrible but I guess those golf lessons I got when I was a kid helped me not be THAT bad.  LOL… I’ve attached a few amusing photos, one being the poor golfball that… moments later… I hit into the water trap…!

So today I managed to do my Fashion Sketching homework, Industry sewing homework, study for my english comp mid term, history of art quiz, clean my bedroom, vacuum the upstairs, and win a golf tournament with Leah!

Today’s Mood:  Accomplished!


Posted by Adella on 11/15 at 02:48 AM
  1. I always wondered…if you’re this famous, do people at your school bother you and stuff? And people on the street? o_O

    Posted by noxy_schala  on  11/15  at  03:15 AM
  2. LOL I’ve never had anyone recognize me at school.  I don’t exactly think I’m famous either ^^;; I mean who knows if they are anime/cosplay fans and they secretly know who I am?  Iono!  I’ve been recognized a few times in the garment district in downtown LA though.

    Posted by Adella  on  11/15  at  03:52 AM
  3. Well, obvoiusly you have people who DO regocnize you on conventions and stuff - to be perfectly honest: I don’t know if I would recognize you out on the street. It’s quite a silly image: “Wow! Look over there - it’s the Adella-woman, from that webpage! - May I have your autograph?”

    Well, I’ve never understood what people want with an example of some other person’s handwriting - but what do you think: How would you react, if someone had recognized you in daily life? Would you feel embarrassed? Would you feel flattered? I guess it depends on who the person is. It’s one thing to be the middle of attention, when you’ve been invited to a convention - but unwanted attention right on the street? Having it sometimes seems to be something that might be enjoyed - but having it more often, I think, can be quite annoying.

    Posted by sanjiyan  on  11/15  at  07:27 AM
  4. Yeah and sometimes famous people become aggressive because of that x_X they’re tired of being asked for stuff everywhere they go and they can’t breathe or have a normal life in the ‘wild’. Reminds me of an actor that once said say hello to them and they will want your autograph, give them your autograph and they will want to shake your hand, shake their hand and they will want to sleep with you x_X and that’s why that actor used to also say I hate when people ask for autographs, what will they do with it? And to me, it’s like asking someone to sleep with them =| everything is relative.

    Personally, when I see celebrities live, I look at them and stuff, but I dun really talk to them unless they do because I dun want them to panic. It must be annoying in the end. =|

    Posted by noxy_schala  on  11/15  at  08:04 AM
  5. Fun to hear that you took the 1 place. Golf is fun to play but I have only played minigolf in my life.Hmmm…I wonder how it is with real golf.
    How is it to play the real golf?

    Posted by minerva  on  11/15  at  11:11 AM
  6. Whoa…it’s nice to see you’ve updated a LOT within a short span of time.  Well as always your site looks great, your new photos even greater.

    Posted by ladysephiroth  on  11/16  at  02:53 AM
  7. 1st place?? Wow, congrats! I never played golf, I must be very, very bad.

    Your interview is online. One more time, thanks for your time and kindness.

    Posted by ferio  on  11/16  at  04:15 AM
  8. Histeria!!.. FF7 Pc tools… lots of tools…
    For Adella and all the fans of FF7 like me…

    Simply Enjoy…

    P.D.: Listen M-Flo music…

    Posted by Orisha  on  11/17  at  01:50 AM
  9. Certainly… excellent new cosplays Adella…
    Very much love for all… Bye…
    A bit of my art:

    Posted by Orisha  on  11/17  at  01:57 AM
  10. HAHAHA you think you suck? You obviously need to see me play o_o My friend partically brought a bucket of balls and… I’m proud to say I lost them all in the water or woods XD

    Ever heard Robin William’s stand up bid on golf? You should definately hear it. It’s HIGH-larious.

    Posted by vicky  on  11/17  at  02:30 AM
  11. I played golf once and i really enjoyed it ^_^. It’s so funny!.

    Well, I left you at your DA accont to links. There are 2 pics for you, so, when you’ll be able to see that: enjoy them! ^__^:

    Posted by shirak  on  11/18  at  02:52 PM
  12. I’ve read your interview for the web site and i loved it

    you are just perfect, i’m really looking foward to see you become a succefull professional

    i’m going to do my first cosplay in this year of 2007, and it will be perfect, because you are my inspiration, and i’m really working hard on

    sorry if you saw a grammar error on this post, i only have 15 and i i will be gratuated in my english course in 2 years

    Thankyou for what you said about the brazilian boys, i loved it ^^

    here it’s my e-mail if you want aswer me

    my orkut

    P.S you can answer in portuguese^^

    see you^^

    Posted by kyako  on  11/19  at  02:14 AM
  13. Hey i was wondering, can you cosplay Elena the Turk from FFVII? i think youl look alike ^.^

    Posted by kisaragi  on  11/19  at  05:34 AM
  14. I love the pink COrset, its so cool!! ^.^

    Posted by kisaragi  on  11/19  at  05:41 AM
  15. Congrats!  I took 2 golf lessons when I lived in Vegas, and I was very, very bad.  You kinda pwn, but of course you knew that already.

    Next up—cosplay golf!

    Posted by cormacf  on  11/20  at  03:13 AM
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