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Sailor Jupiter


Kino Makoto is a normal Junior High/HighSchool girl who is unusually tall for her young age and equally strong. She’s a tomboy and the toughest of the inner Senshi, yet she also has very girlish qualities. Mainly her uncanny ability to clean and cook like a professional wife, and her dreams of finding love and falling in love with any boy who gives her attention.

Height: 5'6

Age: 16

Debut: Gencon Indy

Cost: ~120$

I DID NOT MAKE THIS COSTUME!! This costume was a gift for me from my friend Tristen Citrine. (She is the Venus in the pictures with me). I have always wanted to cosplay Sailor Jupiter because she’s tall like me and has issues with her tallness.. like me! I identify with her best out of all the Senshi and I just love her. I had a blast cosplaying her and there will be more pictures once we do another photoshoot! Sadly in this photoshoot not a single picture shows my pretty rose earrings! They’re my favorite part of the costume strangely enough.. and I’ve gotten to liking wearing them out of costume too ^^! For info on this costume, go to Tristen Citrine’s website:  Tristen

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