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Princess Ayeka Jurai

Tenchi Muyo!

Ayeka is the First Princess of Jurai and the second girl to appear in the Tenchi Muyo series. Older sister to Sasami and heiress to the throne of Jurai, Ayeka went searching for her lost fiance Yosho (who is also.. her half brother X_X;) when she stumbled upon Tenchi’s house where Yosho lived.. disguised as an old man. While residing there Ayeka fell in love with Tenchi and at the end of the TV series she was ordered back to Jurai, and that is where this costume is from. The scene where Ayeka must stay in Jurai.

Height: 5'6ish

Age: ~600

Debut: Anime Expo 2004

Cost: ~500$

Ayeka has been a costume I’ve been planning for a long time. Originally it was the Ojousama to Oyobi costume from the music video I wanted to do, and I still plan on doing that one. But when I decided to cosplay with my friend Averi as Ryoko and Huy as Tenchi I made this version. It’s much prettier than her normal attire so I thought it would pop a little better ^_^.

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