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Elistriell Watersong

Lord of the Rings

She was no princess, she was no legend, she was not the fairest firstborn, and she was nothing special. Elistriell was a Telerin from Mithlond. Though charming like her kindred, she lacked their grace and elegance. For 200 years she sought the love of the elvish lord Ancalen. But her love was turned down and her heart broken. For 50 more years she yearned for him, until she could no longer bear to be ostracized, and set out to seek what she most wanted; Acceptance.

Height: 5'7

Age: 650

Debut: Campout

Cost: 200$

I always wanted to make an elf costume, this one was based off of the given ranger and rogueish jerkins that the elvish archers use. The elves of Mithlond (the Grey Havens) are not depicted in the movies, and I wanted a costume that was PJish. So I designed a jerkin to be similar to something you would see in the movies.

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