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  • Finally you have posted’em!! I love your pale make-up ando your blue nails and eyeshadows *^__^*

    Posted by shirak  on  08/25  at  05:05 AM
  • Elaborate costume.Job well done.Nice work on the wig.Even though it probably weighed a ton.Good work.

    Posted by dougw4496tl  on  08/25  at  08:52 PM
  • OMG!!! I love you ^^. LOL I have been reading EQ for almost 20 years (dies at giving major clue to age bracket ><). That is so well done. The only thing wrong with it… I just don’t think you can pull off her ‘evil’ personality. I just don’t think you can be that cold hearted ^^. Secondly, your choice of photo shoot location is amazing! The pic at the iron gate made me think you could have done a pic almost right out of the comics! Stunning, just stunning ^^. So much so I just had to register in order to tell you just that. ^^

    And I hope you can get sis to do Leetah ~_^
    O_O Although Im not too sure how she will pull of the 3foot height difference LOL ^^

    Posted by tiku  on  08/26  at  05:53 PM
  • WOW   *____*
    I cain’t belief that you made this costume !!! this must have been sooo dificult !!
    Perfect !!! You made this character come to life *_*
    amazing job !

    Posted by hanami  on  08/27  at  07:09 AM
  • Amazing costume, wow you are so good! ^^ This is perfect.

    Posted by aeris_90  on  08/27  at  01:36 PM
  • waaa! So amazing!! Lovessss!!!!

    Posted by crimson_cobwebs  on  08/27  at  03:58 PM
  • I love your expressions in the pictures - they’re so real, it lets me get a sense of what that character’s like. After seeing you dressed up in the outfit (which was amazing), I rather think they should make a movie based on those comics. Nice touch with adding the high heel shoes by the way. =D

    Posted by arab57g  on  09/17  at  06:19 PM
  • This is amazing!
    I love the way you made the costume and the extra steps you tooks to make yourself look more like her, such as the blue eyeshadow and nailpolish!
    The location for the pictures is excellent! You really pulled her off well! Amazing work!

    Posted by moonstar  on  04/09  at  05:29 PM
  • Love it!  Did you know that WB has bought the rights to make a Elfquest movie?

    Posted by scarlet_273  on  07/17  at  05:04 PM
  • Nice Work.

    Posted by dougw4496tl  on  07/18  at  07:29 PM
  • Lovely work! One of my favorites cosplays of yours.

    Posted by rose_dragoon  on  04/19  at  06:46 PM
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