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Aeris Gainsborough

Final Fantasy 7

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  • omg you’re very pretty with this dress. Well I really dislike Amano (plz don’t hit me), I prefer Nomura’s works for FF7 design. Weird, I only like Nomura’s design for the whole FF serie. Nevermind, rose and red are the more suitable colors for Aeris and I really like this dress ^-^. I think it’s a rare cosplay of Aeris.

    Posted by jimbond007  on  01/01  at  07:25 PM
  • Comment?


    Posted by diobrando  on  01/28  at  06:12 AM
  • Wow
    It is pretty..but imagine her selling flower with that kind of nice dress..^^U
    but you did a great job

    keep it up!

    bai bai

    Posted by lonely_aiori  on  04/28  at  01:14 PM
  • Absolutely beautiful! I like how you used her colors from the game and worked them into the design. They look really good together, then again, I couldn’t imagine any other colors on Aerith. The artwork and your costume are almost exact! The headpiece fits perfectly and adds a little more fantasy into the outfit. It seems you added a few of your own touches to the costume and they fit it really well. Another amazing work by Adella.

    Best wishes,

    Posted by disenchanted  on  06/30  at  03:31 PM
  • Aeriths costume in “A MidSummer Nights Dream” ;D

    Its soo sheek, and magical. I love it. You always pull Aerith off well

    Posted by halo sorceress  on  03/24  at  08:02 PM
  • It’s so beautiful costume ^^

    Posted by aeris_90  on  08/16  at  10:01 AM
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