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Aeris Gainsborough

Final Fantasy 7

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  • We talked about the beadwork during the creation of this costume, and with some poking, I think it came out incredibly well. You certainly do pay homage to the wonderfun manga style. <applause>

    Posted by nobunaga  on  07/19  at  07:15 AM
  • This is beautiful and a wonderful addition to your site. I LOVE it. It’s definitely nice to see something that’s not the traditional Aerith, and I don’t know how many people have done this costume, but I highly doubt that they could top this one. You’re incredibly talented, Adella!

    Posted by janapi  on  07/19  at  09:00 AM
  • i kind like aeris better this way, dont know way, i just do, and u look freacking pretty in the costume as usual wink ***

    Posted by yami_kun  on  07/19  at  11:04 AM
  • is very good,  ohhhh a AMANO DRAW, very good, congratulations.

    Posted by andora  on  07/19  at  07:47 PM
  • You look absolutely beautiful in this costume! And wow, you did wonderfully in creating this work of art smile Keep up the fantastic work!

    Posted by miranda  on  07/19  at  11:16 PM
  • You look beautiful…as always! I prefer the normal Aeris but this version certaintly adds to her elegance! You did an amazing job on the shoulder-less jacket (I could NEVER do that! X_X). Love it!

    Posted by crimson_cobwebs  on  07/30  at  07:59 AM
  • This is awsome! I love how you look with it and I think it’s better-looking that the normal Aeris outfit. Amano is really good designing, like Nomura, and you’re great cosplaying their designs! Congrats!!

    Posted by jolin tsai  on  07/30  at  09:56 AM
  • i saw this on i think it was your display pic. i know not stop looking at it. it is one of the most beautiful costumes i have ever seen.

    Posted by sephysoldier7  on  07/31  at  10:12 PM
  • could**

    Posted by sephysoldier7  on  07/31  at  10:13 PM
  • ABSOULUTELY GORGEOUS! You are a magnificent seamstress! The costume is unbelievable beautiful. I luv its elegance. Adella…YOU ROCK! =^.^=

    Posted by meredith  on  08/01  at  02:20 PM
  • It has such an aesthetic quality to it. Lovely design and it really shows lots of attention to detail. ^_^ I recently saw a book on Amano’s collection of art at my school library. =D Again, wonderful job.

    Posted by erute_nevda  on  08/01  at  10:35 PM
  • I think this may be my favorite costume of yours.  It is so beautiful, so unique, so flowing.  You’ve really outdone yourself.  Breathtaking.

    Posted by sarahrakel  on  08/03  at  01:25 PM
  • You were gorgeous at AniZona ; ;...<3

    I’d send you the pic you posed for by the door, but it didn’t come out as nice as I would have liked. Damn dim lights. Oh well. It’s not as bad as the ones of YaYa, which I can barely see her in. Blah.

    Posted by sadi  on  08/06  at  04:37 AM
  • Adella, absolutely beautiful. ^_^ You’ve got all the talent I could kill for. :p

    Posted by brennacedria  on  08/08  at  06:25 PM
  • Its absolutely gourgeous smile i love it smile keep it up.

    Posted by angel_eyez  on  08/13  at  04:39 AM
  • Wow this is absolutely beautiful, I have been a fan of the game since it came out, and I never seen anything to rival what you have done with the costume here.
    The rest of you Aeris costumes are also beautiful, but this one is great.

    Posted by darkwolf  on  08/14  at  11:36 AM
  • Hmm… a few Amano pics are in the FFVII music track (GO NOBUO UEMATSU!!!!!) You look amazing in them…

    Posted by sephy999  on  08/19  at  04:30 PM
  • hey Adella did you know you were in a magazine!!?? You probably did but just in case:
    so perdy ^_^

    Posted by crimson_cobwebs  on  08/22  at  06:33 PM
  • some how when I see you you look like a princess

    Posted by rayearth  on  08/23  at  02:47 AM
  • Why Don’t you come to Amine Evoloution in 2006?

    Posted by rayearth  on  09/01  at  12:23 AM
  • sorry Adella the last two post were directed at you, sorry that I confuse you

    Posted by rayearth  on  09/01  at  12:25 AM
  • ?

    uve confused me 8-\

    Posted by sephy999  on  09/01  at  08:48 AM
  • Adella get those selling pictures up, so I can buy one immediately!

    Posted by cosplayalways  on  09/14  at  09:35 PM
  • Since finding this webpage and seeing the images of you cosplayed as Aries, as made me want to cosplay as Aries when i’m old enough to go to cosplays. (^-^)

    Posted by sakura_orchid  on  10/08  at  07:05 AM
  • Amano ROCKS!!

    Im amazed that you made that fantastic costume from that picture!:)

    I bow , to your skill lady adllea!

    May he sun and stars always shine down on you.



    Posted by uthardar  on  10/22  at  01:02 PM
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