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Kingdom Hearts 2

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  • Hi Adella
    I really like your outfit for Aeris and i wish that i can meet you because you are so cool and your outfits are the best and i think your the best cosplayer out there!!
    From Yuffie

    Posted by yuffie  on  03/02  at  08:49 AM
  • thank you to come to the convetion in monterrey, you are very beautiful, xD, thank you, also for your autograph and to take the picture with me. smile good I wait you continue this way in your work and that always the passes very well:)
    I wait soon you return xD again.

    Posted by dreamer  on  03/05  at  11:48 PM
  • oh my god!!!!! you look sooo cute!!!!

    Posted by babydianabunny  on  03/06  at  06:56 PM
  • you allways look beautiful
    I’m from Monterrey, and this is the first time i write something here.
    I saw you two times at the convecion XXVII and XXVIII.
    You have a lot of charisma and i love that of you.
    Thanks for coming, and please, it doesn´t matter if you always be here, because monterrey loves you!
    I will apreciate if you can post in my fotolog( if you don’t do it, its ok, no problem, i understand you have a lot work.
    Ok let me tell you something, your cosplay of aerith is one of the best cosplay in the world, but please make a cosplay from roruoni kenshin!
    thanks for your atention
    kisses from alvaro

    Posted by wolf_916  on  03/08  at  03:06 AM
  • Adella you always amaze me with your costumes and your skill for sewing. I’m so looking forward to Kingdom Hearts 2 coming out the 28th.

    Posted by cosplayalways  on  03/10  at  01:28 PM
  • adella you are fantastic! i’m an italian fan
    i alwayes loved aerith in ff7 and now i love you smile
    bye bye

    Posted by djsolidsnake86  on  04/08  at  05:14 PM
  • Adella, my beatifull Aerith… Once more you done it… YOU HAVE TO COME HERE IN BRAZIL! Me and my cosplayers buddies are gone to made the biggest final Fantasy group! Well… At least the biggest Final Fantasy Brazilian group (^__^)’. There are various cosplay events here in Brazil, but the bigest is the “Anime Friends” ( at July 13, 14, 15 and 16. Would be an honnor for me and my buddies to take a picture with the best Aerith’s cosplayer ever!
    I writed to much, right? Sorry ^^’ Well, once again congratulations for your new outfit.

    Ps. Visit our comunity at Orkut:
    The Final Fantasy Cosplay -

    Posted by kabuki  on  04/11  at  04:05 PM
  • @ all users (and adella)
    but adella chat in this site with her fans?

    Posted by djsolidsnake86  on  04/13  at  03:42 PM
  • wow… ive never actually played kingdom hearts but like just wow… the skirt is so pretty i love frills can i steal it? lol really keep up your amazing work! xx

    Posted by lady_soha  on  04/24  at  09:35 PM
  • Gosh! it makes me wonder if instead.. Aeris was cosplaying YOU!  You are so naturally beautiful and it’s like the two of you are the same person.  If there ever were a live action final fantasy movie.. i’d hope they’d cast you for aeris =) you’re an inspiration for cosplayers everywhere.. and mee too! (though i’ll never do aeris cause i look nothing like her and i’m too fat lol) anyway.. keep those costumes coming!  You should think of opening a store or something called AdellaCosplay.. it’s perfect!

    Posted by seepygirl  on  04/25  at  08:48 AM
  • i really luv your Aerisu cosplay, Adella! my friend spoke about you when you both met at Animazement! i guess you are rivals in Aerisu cosplay! X3 but your KH2 version is great!!!

    Posted by kiko_ikaredo  on  05/06  at  12:07 AM
  • OMG. X333!! You’re so absolutely adorable I could just hug you all over! <333~~ *squish* You have the cutest face I’ve ever seen—perfect for Aerith. ^^ That costume is really flattering and beautiful, and I loooove the skirt. :3

    Posted by winry  on  05/14  at  10:39 AM
  • man you really look like her!! ahaha..pretty pics..

    oh yea! saw your gallery @ DA ^__^ keep up the good work!

    Posted by chibim  on  05/15  at  10:26 PM
  • I was curious Adella. Are you going to be at Anime Expo 2006 at the Anaheim Convention Center?. Love This cosplay by the way, They just keep commin out with more and mroe Aeris Costumes for you to have fun with XD ^^

    Posted by spiritheart  on  05/20  at  02:33 PM
  • i’m doing the same one my dress and shoes i have but how can i get my hair that way?

    Posted by luna  on  06/10  at  02:34 PM
  • If they made a movie about KH2.I bet you would definetly get the role of Aerith.

    Posted by aerith_lover  on  06/13  at  02:32 AM
  • Squall here…OMG…I can’t get over Adella and Aeris the song that comes to my mind when I look at these pictures is Bowling For Soup “Girl All The Bad Guys Want”

    Posted by az_squall  on  06/14  at  12:30 PM
  • Very lovely!
    -although i have to say someone out did you on ebay and that dress i have to say is perfect. The only problem was the line of lace on the pink skirt, Aeris doesn’t have lace there just a white line. Theirs also looked like it had more of a supported front too. I can give you the link if you want? I think its a store really but they have some really cool stuff.

    Posted by lasilon  on  06/30  at  12:34 AM
  • Adella, I love your costume. Could you give me some pointers on how to make my own copy of this costume? Any advice would be helpful. My email is

    Posted by yamigalence  on  07/02  at  11:42 AM
  • I just wanted to comment, I’ve been too shy to comment all this time, but I love your cosplays! I hope I get to meet you in 2007, at AX! oh, I’m on, keep meaning to comment there too! *ultra shy* I’m Cherry_Blossom so you know. Anyway, love the costumes, and I hope to get to meet you some day!

    Posted by cb_sakura  on  07/10  at  10:44 AM
  • You are so wonderful!I like your cosplay very much! Perfect as usual. ^ You look really good as aeris in kingdom hearts 2!

    Posted by layenne  on  07/19  at  04:49 PM
  • Wow!!, It’s bestiful costume, but the pink is the color of Aeris. She sees nice!!

    Im sorry, my speak english is bad…>_<’

    Congratulations!! Adella, for you costume, is perfect!!

    Posted by valaina  on  08/25  at  05:49 PM
  • *o* your aeris is so wonderfully done. I have to tell you, I never considered cosplaying her untill I saw your cosplay. XD

    I was also wondering, is it a strech material you use for this costume? When I make mine, I’ll be sure to use it because it looks perfect.

    Posted by blankles  on  08/31  at  09:20 AM
  • omg you did too aerith from KH2, next aerith will be from FF7 Crisis Core, we can’t wait for this costum !!! too bad I never played KH serie :(
    I hope you like too the seiyuu of Aerith (like I do and I think it’s the best voice/choice for Aerith) : Maaya Sakamoto !!!

    Posted by jimbond007  on  12/29  at  05:19 PM
  • wow! so cool! i wanna cosplay too, you look so much like her!!! she’s my fave character

    Posted by adella_fan  on  06/08  at  10:07 AM
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