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Aeris/Aerith Gainsborough

Final Fantasy 7

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  • Lovely! FFVII is my favourite final fantasy. You have so much talent! ah its so amazing ^-^ I hope to make a costume (maybe aeris as well) but i don’t think it’d be nearly as beautiful as yours

    Posted by sarah_bear  on  08/15  at  07:41 PM
  • Okay i’ve decided to be Aeris for the con in MI. And i was wondering if you could give me any advice on how you made her yellow wrist bands?

    Posted by sarah_bear  on  08/16  at  03:20 AM
  • Woow! You really were born to be her! ^^
    The outfit looks amazing dear you sure are special! You’re one of my favourite semstress! <3

    Posted by uni89  on  08/19  at  03:20 PM
  • Ok, Ive got to admit…. I dont like Aerith/Aeris at all… she was always bodering me around in the game… really -_-.... could say… (spoiler??) even at the end when she reapears… But I wanted to know what happen to Tifa and the rest, but… but… but Im not here to talk about her, sorry…

    Wow! Awesome in fact i thought that the “25FT0142.jpg” was a photomontaje… but it seams it isn’t, nice photo, its like very 99% FFVII (the other 1% is that they were CGI XDD jajaja) no… Actually I mean great Foto, Great cosplay!

    Nice job!

    Posted by arielalexco  on  10/04  at  01:31 AM
  • The frist costume that I had ever seen a picture of you in is this one and it’s still my favorite. You are the worlds “Best” Aeris Gainsborough cosplayer hands down. I love this one & it really makes me want to do better on my own costumes when I see it. Thank you for all the inspiration. /-)

    Posted by del stimpson  on  12/03  at  02:51 PM
  • I found your site with this cosplay #^-^#. I found some pics on forums and on cosplay sites. The first impression was “omg, it’s the real Aeris”. I sent some pics or posted links to my friends and they had the same reactions. I saw a lot of Aeris Cosplay but your is the best so far. Of course, it’s my favourite character in FF7 ;’].
    All photos from Japan are great. Scenes and streets really look like “Midgar City”. They remind me the opening of the game with the “bouquet of flowers”.
    We’ll all wait for your next cosplay ^^ (especially the Aeris “Crisis Core” Version).

    Posted by jimbond007  on  01/02  at  12:17 PM
  • that you like aeris
    me too
    she is my favorite personage of final fantasy 7
    too i was a girl of 9 years i haven’t a cd of
    final fantasy 7 but i have now of my father of playstation 1 but I have playstation 2
    there can i play
    what i scared was that aeris was killed of sephiroth
    and your pictures are great

    Posted by aeris68  on  01/24  at  02:02 PM
  • and my name is sibel

    Posted by aeris68  on  01/24  at  02:03 PM
  • and im new

    Posted by aeris68  on  01/24  at  02:09 PM
  • he adolla who are you of final fantasy 7
    give me your birth day than can I see who your are

    me is 9-2-1993

    than lookk too the book

    I am aeris
    want see is born of 7 feb

    Posted by aeris68  on  01/25  at  04:08 AM
  • I’m new to Cosplay and found this by a random search. I just want to say that you make a beautiful Aeris. You look exactally like I would picture her if it was real.

    Posted by iam_anubis  on  01/31  at  06:46 PM
  • Whoa! I love this Aerith costume…its very nice. Im new to here…so is it possible for me to buy this costume? And if so, how can I?

    Posted by aerithg  on  02/01  at  03:53 PM
  • hum adella doesn’t sell her costums… I can understand the reason. All cosplayers work a lot (it can take over 20-30 hours for one costum). It’s normal they don’t want to sell their works. NO NO NO I TOTALLY DISAGREE. adella musn’t sell this costum. SHE’S the perfect Aeris !!!

    Posted by jimbond007  on  02/03  at  04:44 AM
  • wow! When i first saw an image of yours, i thought it’s some promotion of an real FF VII Movie! You’re very beautiful and just the perfect Aeris! I really love your cosplay!

    A fan from switzerland.

    Posted by ratofdeath  on  02/05  at  06:40 PM
  • When Sony bring out their Playstation 4 and finally succumb to overwhelming demand and bring out a revised version of FFVII, I shall personally meet with Mr/Mrs Sony and tell him/her that there is only one candidate for that role. Keep your diary clear…

    Posted by whoopsbuni  on  02/16  at  06:42 PM
  • Actually, does anybody know of anyone who does Tifa as well as Adella does Aeris?

    Posted by whoopsbuni  on  02/16  at  06:59 PM
  • Slight problem with that idea buni. Sony have nothing to do with the Final Fantasy games. Square Enix do, and they have done enough damage to Final Fantasy 7 as it is. They have released a full apology to the fans and have clearly said that they will not touch anything Final Fantasy 7 related again for a very very very long time.

    Posted by iam_anubis  on  02/18  at  06:49 PM
  • You’re so AERITH!!! Yeah, you’re the best Aerith Cosplayer… the pretty face, brilliant green eyes, the long brown hair… although your face is too mature for an Aerith (if you compare it with Aerith on FF 7 : Advent Children). And the costume’s really good. Perfect.

    Posted by j_xu  on  05/12  at  05:40 AM
  • I like you na. Time you is Aeris. photograph 25FT9039 resemble Aeris much.
    I’m Thai na. I write little little small English real. I’m sorry. ( difficult )

    Posted by to aeris  on  05/21  at  08:51 PM
  • I like you na. Time you is Aeris. photograph 25FT9039 resemble Aeris much.
    I’m Thai na. I write little little small English real. I’m sorry.

    Posted by to aeris  on  05/21  at  08:56 PM
  • Hey!
    I think you are really good as Aeris! XD
    And your one of the best Aeris i’ve seen! and good luck on the rest of your cosplays! xx

    Posted by xharmonyspiritx  on  06/11  at  08:09 AM
  • I’m really glad you did this costume! I’m going to my first convention next april and this inspired me to make this costume for my first cosplay ever! Thank you!

    Posted by o_r_e_o_s  on  06/11  at  11:19 AM
  • i just love this pic`s ^^ u look like aeris in this pic`s is like wow!!! XD

    Posted by aeris_and_cloud  on  07/03  at  03:16 AM
  • adella, you may be tired of hearing about your aerith costume when there are so many other costumes you have created but it is truly remarkable the level of detail. you are definately one of the best cosplayers around,and so enthusiastic too. incredible you find time to create all your costumes between work and school and still keep yor sanity. you always seem to hit the look just right and you always look beautiful in any costume. what’s the next convention you will be attending?

    Posted by dallas  on  09/07  at  01:40 AM
  • You have the BEST cosplay ever! I’m not kidding! I’ve actually grown a rather…recent…obsession with Final Fantasy, so of course for Halloween I’m all “It’s Final Fantasy cosplays or nothing!” But the thing is, which character? Why not Aeris? So I’m going to have to browse the malls now for outfits =D
    Keep up the fabulous work, girl! You’re my idol! :D

    Posted by arab57g  on  09/16  at  02:52 PM
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