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Kingdom Hearts

Aeris returns in the recently released Disney/Squaresoft game of Kingdom Hearts (talk about clash of the titans). Although to debut her originally spelled name Aerith. She plays the role of a young girl who lost her town to the Heartless, and escaped to Traverse Town, with Squall and Yuffie. Working alongside her two Final Fantasy friends, she helps Sora on his quest by aiding him with knowledge about the Heartless.

Height: 5'3

Age: 22

Debut: Animagic 2003

Cost: ~160$

I made this dress after playing Kingdom Hearts and approving of the character. Kingdom Hearts was a really fun game and I liked the scenario with Aerith, Leon, and Yuffie. I love this costume particularly because it’s very comfortable. Originally I only had the game as a reference to make the costume, so I gritted my teeth and decided the circles on her belt were metal studs. you couldn’t really tell in the game, but after I came across a nomura sketch way later.. I was pleased to see that the bumps on the belt were in fact metal studs.

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